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Dr. Ram Parikh
Discover Chiropractic
Five-Star Chiropractor

Dr. Ram Parikh has developed a reputation for being one of those chiropractors that really cares for the people he sees.
Discover Chiropractic is an "in network" provider for all Highmark insurance plans. They except nearly all insurance plans that have coverage for chiropractic care.

227 South Chestnut Street
Butler, PA 16001

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Some popular landmarks and related information about our community:

Butler County Community College of Pennsylvania: Located in Oak Hills, Butler College is about 3 miles from the discover chiropractic office. The school offers associate's degrees and teaches courses in nursing, physical therapy, medical Assistants, business courses and others.

Staying fit and healthy: We are about 2 miles from Alameda Park which is just off of New Castle Road. Krendale Golf Course (131 N. Eberhart Rd.) is about 3 1/2 miles from us and Aubreys Dubbs Dred Golf Course (18 total holes at this golf facility) is about 2 miles away.

We are about a mile from the Benjamin Franklin Highway (422), just off of East Jefferson (68) and North Main Street. Neighboring towns and cities that we serve include Clearfield, Oakland, Connoquenessing, East Butler, Chicora, Worthington, Saxonburg, Penn, Middlesex, and Lancaster.

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