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  Listing 69843 was posted on Feb 11, 2018 and expires on June 3, 2018
For your NEUROPATHY and PAIN patients!

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  • For your NEUROPATHY and PAIN patients!
    Contact Information
    Posted By:drmarino
    Location:LAFAYETTE Louisiana
    Ad Information
    Additional Information
    FOR SALE (2): NeuroMed units - Original purchase price $8356.00/ea in 2013. Both in excellent working condition. Yours for $4000/ea. I have successfully billed insurance, as well as collected high dollar cash plans for this treatment which I utilized for: shoulder pain, knee pain and neuropathy of the hands and feet. Have recently downsized & simplified my practice and would like to get rid of these A.S.A.P. I'm taking a huge hit but would like to see them put to good use! They are boxed up and ready to go with original manual and accessories so you can plug-and-play immediately upon shipment arrival.


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