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  Listing 69849 was posted on Feb 12, 2018 and expires on May 7, 2018
OMNI AirDrop Elevation Table (Lightly Used)

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  • OMNI AirDrop Elevation Table (Lightly Used)
    Contact Information
    Posted By:drashly
    Location:Orland Park Illinois
    Ad Information
    Additional Information
    Only used this table to adjust for first 2 yrs; the past 2 years used in exam room only d/t decreasing from 3 adjusting bays to 2 adjusting bays.

    Table was fully recovered approx 18 mo. ago to match color scheme of new office.

    Airdrop (pneumatic) saves on practitioner repetitive use injuries (my right foot no longer throbs at the end of the day like it used to with the manual foot activated drop mechanisms. I have a close friend who believes his achilles rupture was d/t years of the repetitive kicking of the manual foot activated drops)

    If you were to buy new, this table is priced at $8500 online. This table will be the last table you ever buy with proper maintenance and care.

    This is THE industry leader in quality, function, and durability for corrective care doctors especially.


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