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Planet Chiropractic NewsPosted: Thursday, August 09, 2007

Results: Page 11 of 72
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By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

It's been over nine years since Planet Chiropractic began organizing news articles appearing on the website into an archived format. A reporter for a national newspaper recently asked me if I knew how many authors have provided articles to Planet Chiropractic and I didn't know the exact answer. I estimated it was around 100 that have been published. I decided to do a search today through some author archives and I still don't have an exact number of authors that have been published but I do have a much better idea than I did before the question was asked. What I discovered were submissions from approximately 70 chiropractic authors, a dozen non-chiropractors, and 14 organizations, including three chiropractic colleges and three national chiropractic associations. I did a broad search and I suspect there is between 10 and 20 authors I may have missed. As of today's date, this is what I have on record...

chiropractic education demonstrationChiropractic authors include: Joe Accurso (chiropractor in Florida), Karen Bagnell, Madeline Behrendt (Idaho), Stew Bittman (Lake Tahoe, California), Ray Bongiovi, Bob Braile (Georgia), Richard Cimadoro, Gerard Clum (President of Life Chiropractic College West), Eddy Cohen, Lou Corleto, Darrel Crain (San Diego, California), Robert Crystal, Syd Dhillon, Douglas DiSiena (Irvine, California), Michael Dorausch, Jim Dubel, Sherry Durrett, Kevin Ehl, Doug Ferguson, Harvey Fish, Andy Forelli (Huntington, New York), Gary Freeman, Ryan French, Sharon Gorman (Pennsylvania), James Gregg, Tom Gregory, Mark Guarino, B.J. Hardick, Stuart Hoffman (Arizona), Jill Howe, Kerry Kilpatrick, Tom Klapp, David Klein (La Jolla, California), Tedd Koren (Pennsylvania), Tim Langley, Stacy Larsen, Ed Leshin, Debora Logan (Texas), George Logothetis, Sal Martingano (Florida), Robert Moore, Michael Moore, T.O. Morgan, Sid Mouk, Victor Naumov, Jeanne Ohm (Pennsylvania), Tim O'Shea, Bruce Parker, Shawn Powers (Texas), John Przybylak, Guy Riekeman, Travis Robertson, Terry Rondberg, Paul Roses, Drew Rubin, Fred Schofield (Phoenix, Arizona), Mark Schulman, James Sigafoose (Maryland), Selina Sigafoose (York, Pennsylvania), Bob Simmonetti, Rob Sinnott, Rodney Sparks, Adam Tanase, Michel Tetrault, Will Tickel, Holly Tidwell, Rick Wren (Texas - Founder of Society of Chiropractic Masters).

Included in the above list of chiropractic authors are at least six that have published books related to chiropractic (Behrendt, Bittman, Gorman, Klein, Koren, O'Shea, Rondberg), two chiropractic college presidents (Clum & Riekeman), one current and one former national organization president (Rondberg, Braile), and a number of noted speakers and lecturers (almost every chiropractor on the above list).

Among some of the non-chiropractic authors are spouses, amazing chiropractic assistants, and natural health care advocates. Those names include: Daria Belov, Linda Bevel, Lynne Gawley-Hofstetter (Canada), Kathi Handt (New York), Beverly Nadler, Kindra Osterhart, Yannick Pauli, Nicholas Regush (of Red Flags Daily), Lynn Rivard, Kristin Scheimer, Carol Simpson.

Chiropractic organizations, national associations, college media services, and others that have used Planet Chiropractic for news distribution include: California Chiropractic Association (CCA), Chiropractic Awareness Council (Canada), Chiropractic Coalition, Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations (FSCO), International Chiropractors Association (ICA News - Virginia), Life Chiropractic News (Life University System), Life West News (Life West Chiropractic Media Relations), National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), Now You Know (NYK Chiropractic Internet Services), Palmer Chiropractic University System (Palmer College of Chiropractic Media Relations), Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education (PROVE), Parker Communications (Parker Chiropractic College and Seminars), Vaccination Risk Awareness Network (VRAN - Canada), World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA).

Planet Chiropractic would like to extend a warm Thank You to everyone that has provided news content for the website and promoted the message of chiropractic online. We'd also like to recognize the chiropractic organizations and media services that continue to use our distribution network for delivery of their media. Most importantly, we'd like to thank you for your continued support in our mission to deliver chiropractic news to the world.

Have chiropractic related news you'd like distributed to the World Wide Web? Read our news submission guidelines on the News Tools page.

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