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Planet Chiropractic NewsPosted: Monday, July 15, 2002

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The Power in Chiropractic am PST Send email to Planet Chiropractic

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

I used to have a C.A. that was heavily into astrology. This came in very handy for her, especially when she deemed excuses to be necessary, which, unfortunately, was regularly. "Mercury is in retrograde", she would often declare in an attempt to explain her lack of focus. "Let me know when it's out of there; I have some stuff for you to do", I would respond with a tinge of nausea. Man, I hate the idea of being controlled by distant rocks, as if I was a puppet on a string. I certainly acknowledge the fact that we are subject to many energies and influences from the outside, and yet every Twinkie atom in my body resonates with the belief that we are one with the Creator, and therefore limitlessly able to exert tremendous power in our lives based on our energy, our intent, our focus, and our love. It's an inside job! Another seeming paradox goes whizzing around my cortical neurons like a really nauseating roller coaster, which invariably keeps ending up at the same place. Whenever I give my power away to outside influences, especially when I play the victim of those influences, I lose some of the true Power that Innate provides to manifest the life of my dreams. Since I can only control what goes out from my consciousness, I am always better served, as is the world, by maintaining my focus on that.

There are countless opportunities to feel powerless. One half-hour news broadcast contains many. News in our own profession often provides the same opportunities. The situation at Life, for example, with its divisiveness and seeming erasures of lifetimes of dedication, saddens me deeply, and the implications for principled chiropractic frighten me immensely. What can I do? Politics always makes me feel hopeless and manipulated. I deeply appreciate the warriors we have in the principled chiropractic political arena, and I will write letters until my fingers ache, but politics is not going to be my real contribution, that much I know. What then? My brain hasn't been very helpful with its tendency to come from a place of separation and powerlessness. It bounces back and forth between denial and anger, between resignation and revenge; what can I change on the outside? Innate, speaking thru my heart as always, thankfully reminds me to look within and to stay in my power. "Worried about allopathic ideas taking over the profession?" It asks, "well then, how free of allopathic ideas is your own consciousness?" Hmm. While I'm at it, how free of hate and greed (and everything else I don't like in the world) is my consciousness?

Last week I attended a memorial service for one of our practice folks who died 10 days ago with metastatic liver cancer, at age 49. I'd been adjusting her for about 6 weeks. Barbara was the 2nd adult I've had under care (under the age of 80 something) to die on me in 16 years. Both with cancer. Both waited too long to come in. Both received a ton of hope thru our principle. Both did extremely well under care. Both tried really hard to have faith, only to lose it because of symptoms and because of pronouncements from the medics. I adjusted Barbara to turn on the power, I loved her, I saw her whole and healed and perfect, I knew without a glimmer of doubt that she would heal. And last week I listened to dozens of her friends and family beautifully recounting stories of the wonderful, giving person Barbara was. As I listened, thots of powerlessness tried to creep in. Not so much involving my inability to keep her alive, it was more about my inability to prevent her from giving away her own power. Barbara had given to many causes and to many people her whole life, but had never learned to receive. So in the end, she could not accept her healing, she could not accept God's love, and she was literally tapped out. Now she is healed, and now she is basking in God's love. I wish I could have helped her realize these things while she was still here in her body, but I knew as I sat and listened that it would be infinitely more productive to consider these lessons for myself. How much power have I stolen from practice folks over the years having them look to me as the one doing the healing? How much of my own power have I given away forgetting the Source of everything in my own life?

So, what is the point of all this rambling? Who knows? For me, it has been a clear reminder of where my true Power comes from, and of the consequences of looking elsewhere. My senses bombard me with bad news, the world seems clue-less and careening towards destruction, and chiropractic continues to circle the wagons and shoot inwards. And I can't help thinking it's all for the same reason. We've forgotten where the Power is. In our own profession, we talk about the Power a lot, and we forget it a lot. We are in the world, and therefore I suppose we must play in the political arena. And, what would happen if we remembered the Power in every moment? What would happen if we became clear conduits for that Power? What would happen if during every interaction we ever had with anyone, we tapped into that Power, acknowledged It in us and them, told the truth, and then, in a state of total presence and connection, simply turned it on? What would happen if we truly and completely became maximum expressions of Innate? Would our politicians have an easier time of things? Would our practice folks allow principled chiropractic to become jeopardized in any way? Would the world change? When will it change? Are we all waiting for a political solution, or for Mercury to come out of retrograde?

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