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Planet Chiropractic NewsPosted: Thursday, June 13, 2002

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By Stew Bittman, D.C.

Since attending another incredible Gathering with Sigafoose, B.J.'s last three printed words have taken on a deeper meaning. "Guard it well". He was referring to the sacred trust we have been given as members of the chiropractic profession. He admonished us to guard chiropractic: to keep it pure and unadulterated, to protect it from influences that would water it down, weaken it, change it, mix it with things that have failed for centuries. He challenged us to preserve the principle, and to share it freely and fearlessly with the world. I'm not sure how great a job we've done up to now. It seems as if we've been more concerned about guarding our practice than our principle. We've gnashed our teeth and fought like banshees when our insurance benefits and our prestige and our scope of practice and our licensure and our schools have been challenged, and that is understandable. At the same time, while our principle continues to be confirmed by science, written about by best-selling authors, and increasingly embraced by society, we have gone a long way toward abandoning it as a profession.

What can you and I do? I propose that first we guard our own sacred trust. The one that exists between God and me (and you). God has given me a treasure chest full of immeasurably valuable gifts, and has placed it right inside me. I have the gift of life. I have the awareness to experience that gift in myself and in all of creation. I have the knowledge of my spiritual essence and my seamless connection to all things, and I have the wisdom to make choices that benefit that oneness. I have a totally real and valid claim as heir to the abundance of the universe. I have the ability to manifest my intentions and to co-create my deepest desires, with no limits. I have the talent to lay my hands on people and watch them tap into their own treasure chests. For most of my life, however, I have either been unaware of these gifts or have denied them. I have not guarded my treasure chest. I have allowed the petty thieves of ego, of doubt, of science, of materialism, of programming, and of shitty belief systems to systematically rob me of my birthright. No longer. I have posted an around-the-clock guard around the vault.

I intend, specifically, to guard what goes out. I can control very little of what comes in (other than the very important choices of what I eat, drink, listen to, read, etc.). I can, however, control what goes out. My thots, my words, my actions, my focus, my intentions, my energy; these I will guard like a mother bear guards her cubs. This can be difficult because I've been trained to focus more on what's going on outside of me, and subsequently react to it, as if I were separate from it. But as I spend more time in the spiritual dimension, the 4th dimension, I will more often realize that there is no separation, and that what's going on outside of me is often merely a mirror for my state of consciousness. I will more often realize that the supply of my gifts is unlimited when I come from my heart and express my true self. I will more often realize that I and the Father and the Mother are all one. Then it will get easier. In the meantime I commit myself to doing the work that brings me more and more into a state of Grace. Meditation, fasting, exercise, visualization, prayer, service; all the things that prepare me to connect with my treasure chest and to be used by God, become my discipline. As a disciple to Innate, that discipline comes easily and naturally. As I guard what goes out and allow my Light to shine, my power will expand while my fears and doubts will continue to dissipate like mists in the hot sun. As my gifts of love and service pour out from the vault, what comes back will be all providing, perfect for me, and according to Law. And as we do this work and let our gifts flow out, ever vigilant in our guardianship, the profession and the world will heal. Guard it well.

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