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Planet Chiropractic NewsPosted: Wednesday, January 23, 2002

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The Best and Worst of Times pm PST Send email to Planet Chiropractic

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

I don't believe I ever read the entire book, but I know that Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" begins with the famous phrase, "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times". Maybe I never finished the book because I didn't understand the first line.

Now, I find myself thinking about that phrase after attending the 50th anniversary Parker Seminar this past weekend. It was the best of times, for sure. Seven or eight thousand chiropractic folks actually forgot why they didn't like each other long enough to bask together in the glow of solidarity and hope for an entire weekend. I never thot I'd live long enuf to see Terry Rondberg and Lou Sportelli on the same stage without a referee! And this came after seeing the presidents of the ACA, the ICA, and the WCA standing together on the stage and actually shaking hands without any trace of nausea. I had to pinch myself. My euphoria was nurtured upon learning of Tedd Koren's impending legal efforts to reverse the 1905 decision that made mandatory vaccinations legal. Then we got to hear a group of very famous non-chiropractors telling us of the truth of chiropractic, telling us that the world is waiting for us, and telling us that science is catching up to the rest of the world. It is indeed the best of times for chiroprac-tic, and this weekend was a fantastic reminder.

Well, you can't have good without bad, and you can't have best without worst. Evidence of this began as soon as you left the meeting rooms and entered the casino. It is a significant indication of my growth that I used to like Las Vegas! Now I find it the epitome of everything that is ugly, and nearly unbearable, and without my friends and the hordes of like-minded folks surrounding me, I'm sure I would've had to sit in my room and hope for Three Stooges episodes on TV.

The worst came up again when I was reminded about where many want this profession to go. You know, the ones who want pharmaceuticals and the ones that get off on attacking their own profession and all that. As Dr. Koren also said, "the smartest MD's want to get into chiropractic, and the dumbest chiropractors want to get into medicine." I heard of a "chiropractic college" where the graduating class was polled, and 75% of them had never been adjusted! Oy!! And as I strolled thru the exhibit area, one might have very reasonably assumed they were at a PT's convention, as a host of remedies and therapies and outside-in stuff were being hawked while inside the meeting room some of the most famous speakers on the planet were talking about Innate, love, and true healing. Go figure.

Dr. Stew and some friends at Parkers 50thDeep down I know that good and bad, best and worst, and the like are merely illusions. Apparent paradoxes that I will never understand with the same mind that created them. They are simply perceptions. Pieces that either fit or conflict with our filters and our programming. Yet it seems as if the best is getting better and the worst is getting worse. Maybe that's part of the plan, and when I come from that Innate place within me I know it's all perfect. And at the same time, it inspires me to be more of a force for what I believe is good. To use the gifts that God gave me, to open my heart, to sing my song, to serve, with reckless abandonment. Even more than I already do. It inspires me to not denounce the things I think are bad, thereby giving them more power. I will simply watch them fade away from lack of attention. I re-dedicate myself to sharing myself with the world, doing what I love to do in joy and gratitude, knowing that my every loving thot and intention helps to balance the fear-based energy that exists. Whether it is the best of times or the worst of times, it is time for me to express my highest self to the world. I am deeply and blissfully grateful to be part of such a beautiful vehicle for that expression - chiropractic. I become more and more whole as I serve God thru chiropractic, and my wholeness sets the Universe to quiver in joy.

As we were reminded this weekend - the words whole, health, and holy all come from the same root word. Chiropractic ties them all together in a magnificent knot, for myself and for all I touch. It is time for that knot to surround the planet.

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