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Planet Chiropractic NewsPosted: Tuesday, January 01, 2002

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My Fellow Principled New Years Revelers am PST Send email to Planet Chiropractic

By Stew Bittman, D.C.

The crowds are assembling down at Stateline, Nevada here in Lake Tahoe, preparing for another New Year's Eve of reveling and drinking and freezing their behinds off, celebrating God knows what. This is considered the thing to do in these parts, and I'm sure at one time in my life I would have been another rowdy and frozen behind in the crowd, wondering the next morning why on earth I was. It's funny how things that seem important change. This becomes rather evident when I look over past lists of New Year's resolutions. These lists, cluttered with all the things I wanted to have, wanted to do, and wanted to be, most of which now make me either shake my head, cringe, or gag, provide a crystal clear road map to where my happiness really lies -- Innate. When Innate and I are one, when there is no interference between my heart and my head, not only is everything perfect, but enough.

Someone just posed a critical question to me: "when is enough actually enough?" Damn, I can relate. Whenever I have looked to the outside, which is where I looked most of my life, I never experienced enough. There was never enough! Regardless of how many folks I adjusted, how many trips I took or talks I gave, how many miracles I witnessed, how many thank you notes and warm wishes I received, how many hours in meditation I sat in, how much energy I expended or how much approval I elicited, it was never enough. Often now I look for and find enough in the face of one baby. The feel of the breeze. A sunset. I experience enough when adjusting or hiking or golfing or doing the dishes or filling out a report (well I would if I actually ever did that), as long as I am fully present. I bask in enough when I am with my family and good friends, doing nothing. I am finally learning that my brain can NEVER know enough, and that my heart knows nothing else.

Enough is good enough for me. So my resolution list is short this year. I still have my goals and intentions, and I know that they will not bring me enough, whether I actually reach them or not. To have a mission and to live it is enough. To be a servant is enough. To learn and grow is enough. To give and receive love is enough. To open my heart and abide there is enough. To help one person to open their hearts is enough. To be a chiropractor is enough. (Man, when you look at the word "enough" enough, it sure starts to look wrong!)

Here's to a year with an abundance of enough-ness, overflowing with all the miracles that come thru this beautiful vehicle called chiropractic. Happy New Year!

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