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Planet Chiropractic NewsPosted: Wednesday, April 12, 2000

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To: My partners in the restoration of ease From: Stew Bittman am PST Send email to Planet Chiropractic

Little Katie, 8 years old, came in the other day, and tears were streaming down her sweet cheeks. "Dr. Stew, I don't feel so good", she whimpered. "My stomach really hurts". "Let's adjust you and see what happens", I replied. Katie and her mom were among my first folks that day, and the morning had not started off well. I had done my morning ritual, but there was underlying tension and distraction from some unresolved energy between Hillary and I that had started the night before. I didn't get my usual "turn on the power! I love you!" from her that morning.

When I was about to adjust Katie's atlas, however, something clicked. I jumped out of the boat that I had been merrily rowing down the Mississippi River, and became fully aware that life is indeed but a dream. And in this dream, I am a healer. A servant. A vessel. So I became fully present with Katie, and delivered an adjustment with that something extra-me. I knew she was whole and healed and perfect and that Innate was on the job. Her tears slackened and she immediately looked better. "Don't worry", I said, "it's just your body working". "Yeah", Katie replied as she gave me a hug, "it sure is getting rid of something!" I began to cry.

I was recently listening to one of Dick Santo's latest tapes, and he was talking about educating our folks concerning the nature of symptoms. I definitely agree. And it's not so hard to educate them. It's harder to follow through and be consistent. We tell our people on their first visit that we don't do symptoms, and then we call them that night and ask how they feel. We preach the principle in our talks (hopefully!), and then we play medical doctor, naturopath, herbalist, psychiatrist, and physical therapist, all in the name of treating the "patient's" ills and aches and problems.

We proclaim that only the power that made the body heals the body, and then we use words like "fix" and "treat". Our job is to adjust them. To love them enough to set them free and allow them to solve their own problems. To love them enough to hold a vision of THEIR perfection, THEIR wholeness, THEIR Innate doing the healing. To love them enough to love their symptoms, and to hold the line until they can do the same. As you may have heard, chiropractic is NOT about feeling better; it's about better feeling. When people begin to experience more life, they feel. And feeling is necessary for healing.

Symptoms are nothing more than Innate's healing hands, doing whatever is necessary to allow that person to experience more love. Think about that the next time you hook them up to some electrical device. Fever, sneezing, pain, whatever; all magnificent gifts that Life brings. They are part of the unfathomable conspiracy that goes on in our behalf. When you observe a symptom and are tempted to treat it, remember that every power in the Universe has set that symptom in motion. Remember that what you observe is infinitesimal compared to the unseen forces in motion within that person. Remember that you can't ever really know what that person needs, except that they need no interference, even from you. And remember that people already know all this to be true in their hearts. We just have to remind them a lot. They're not all quite as sharp as Katie.

Click here to listen to an audio interview with Stew Bittman.

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