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Planet Chiropractic NewsPosted: Monday, March 20, 2000

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To: My compadres in reconnection - From: Stew Bittman am PST Send email to Planet Chiropractic

God, I love adjusting people. It's my favorite thing to do while being in a vertical position. I love watching the color rush into people's faces, the light come on in their eyes. I love that sound. Yes, I know, it isn't necessarily indicative of a successful adjustment, but I love it anyway. So there.

I love the way my hands always seem to know what to do and where to go. I love the fact that I no longer argue with my hands. I love the way babies of all age's smile and laugh after an adjustment. Or cry. I love what follows every adjustment in my office - a hug. I love getting 200 hugs a day. I love knowing that after an adjustment, that person is not the same. They are, at that moment and forever, closer to their truth. Their passion. Their purpose. Their source. They are a little more, or perhaps a lot more, connected to their plan. And their ability to manifest that plan is instantly heightened. I love that most of all.

I love chiropractors. I love my chiropractic family. I love knowing that I'm not alone. That there are so many warriors. So many missionaries. So much love and support. After connecting with my chiropractic family, I feel myself willingly caught in a wave of love and service. Of optimism for the world. I love watching chiropractors on an innate path; going through the same things I went through and go through. Opening their hearts, dealing with rejection, confronting their demons. All in a day's work. Never in my life have I known such courageous, selfless, giving people. Knowing my chiropractic family, I know I can never cave in. I love that most of all.

I love our principle. So beautiful. So simple. So life-changing. So hope-inspiring. I don't think we realize how much people change just through the process of learning that they do the healing. That they are part of a natural, seamless, incredible conspiracy that operates on their behalf. That they have the greatest doctor in the Universe, who specializes in them, right inside. That they are not separate, not deficient, not lacking, not vulnerable, not under attack. That they have choices, and that their choices create their life. I don't think we realize the impact these truths have on our folks. I love seeing the principle operate in people's lives, and watching those lives change. Relationships, careers, everything changes when someone starts listening to their inner voice.

I love the memories, so vividly imprinted on my brain, of the principle at work in its purest expression, in Panama. The miracles that flowed like sweet rain. Experiencing an entire country change in energy. I love knowing that our principle will bring health, sanity, wholeness, harmony, and freedom to all peoples, and that we as chiropractors get to be the standard bearers. I love that most of all.

Click here to listen to a Planet Chiropractic interview with Dr. Stew Bittman.

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