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Planet Chiropractic NewsPosted: Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don't Miss These 2013 Summer Chiropractic Events pm PST Send email to Planet Chiropractic

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.

You know it's summer when local parents all bring their kids in on the same morning for a chiropractic adjustment. While kids are out of school and excited to have some summer fun, chiropractors will be having summer fun of their own, and hopefully including their families on a few chiropractic centered vacations. I have put together a list of summer chiropractic seminars and events that should not be missed. Choose one, or several, and get reconnected with your colleagues.

Cerveza Atlas Lager
Atlas lager, the beer of choice for chiropractors that choose to drink beer

The first event takes place this week at Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri. Sponsored by the Logan Alumni Association, the 2013 Logan Homecoming takes place June 13th through 16th. The event features 28 hours of continuing education available, along with presentations from chiropractors such as Dr. Dan Murphy, Dr. James George, Dr. Cheryl Hawk, Dr. Donna Mannello, Dr. Jeff Kamper, and others. There is also an annual golf tournament taking place on Thursday. Check the Logan Homecoming and Midwest Conference page for details.

Chiropractors Joseph Lupo and Hank Cousineau at Life University
Chiropractors Joseph Lupo and Hank Cousineau at Life University

Make plans to visit Atlanta Georgia in July for the Life Vision Seminar taking place on July 26 and 27 (Saturday and Sunday). The event is at the Cobb Galleria Centre, and it features a long list of spectacular chiropractic speakers. Expect to see Dr. Jim Dubel, Dr. James Sigafoose, Dr. Sharon Gorman, Dr. Guy Riekeman, Dr. Ray Omid, Dr. Eric Plasker, Dr. Andy Forelli, Dr. Hank Cousineau, Dr. Chuck Ribley, Dr. Patti Ribley, Dr. Jay Handt, and several others. This will be a high energy, high impact, inspirational chiropractic event. Get more information on the Life Vision Seminar page.

August is when things are going to really get hot. There's three magnificent chiropractic seminars taking place the first weekend of August in the cities of San Francisco, Atlanta, and Phoenix (where it will literally be hot). First let's check out the 2013 Life West Wave taking place in San Francisco.

Chiropractors Brian Kelly and Tim Gay at Life West Wave
Chiropractors Brian Kelly and Tim Gay at Life West Wave

The Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel is the location for the 2013 Life West Wave taking place on August 1 through August 3. This is the third year Life Chiropractic College West has held its wave event (view previous Life West Wave posts and photos), and the lineup of speakers is stupendous. There will be keynotes from Marianne Williamson, Patch Adams and Andrew Wakefield, along with chiropractic speakers such as Dr. Gerry Clum, Dr. Rhea Zimmerman, Dr. Dean DePice, Dr. David Fletcher, Dr. Tim Gay, Dr. David Butters, Dr. Sharon Gorman, Dr. Brad Glowaki, Dr. Dennis Perman, Dr. Fred Schofield, Dr. Frank Sovinsky, and several others.

Chiropractors Sharon Gorman and Jay Handt
Chiropractors Sharon Gorman and Jay Handt

You may have already noticed that several chiropractic speakers are speaking at multiple events, for many, spreading the word of chiropractic is a full-time job. Dr. Fred Schofield is speaking at the Life West Wave on Friday morning, and then getting on a plane to Phoenix for the mega hot 2013 August Schofield Chiropractic Training. This year's August training takes place at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel (one of my favorites in Phoenix) and you can register by calling Schofield Chiropractic Training directly at 800-554-3260. The Arizona Biltmore Chiropractic Seminar is on August 2 and August 3 (Friday and Saturday). I will be speaking on Saturday and look forward to seeing you there. I'm also really excited to be hanging out with some of the greatest chiropractors on the planet.

Chiropractors Fred Schofield and Michael Dorausch
Chiropractors Fred Schofield and Michael Dorausch

But that's not all, I mentioned there were 3 chiropractic seminars all taking place on the same weekend. All three are rich and chiropractic philosophy, and I really hope you're attending one of them. In Atlanta Georgia it's the 2013 August Dynamic Essentials taking place on August 1 through August 4 at the Atlanta Embassy Suites Hotel. It's a Magnificent Bonfire of Love at Dynamic Essentials, and DE is the place to be. Get more information on the Dynamic Essentials Atlanta Georgia seminars page for August 2013.

It's certainly possible for a chiropractor to travel to Missouri in June, Atlanta in July, and then onto San Francisco, Phoenix, or Atlanta again in August. But how about a mid August visit mile high in Colorado? The chiropractic lovefest continues with a mile high chiropractic philosophy weekend taking place in Denver Colorado the weekend of August 16 at August 17 (Friday and Saturday). This is why chiropractors love to take three-day weekends out of the office.

The Mile High Chiropractic Philosphy Weekend features chiropractic speakers such as Dr. Daniel Knowles (founder of the Mile High Movement), Dr. Steve Visentin, Dr. Donald Epstein, Bill Esteb, Dr. Janice Hughes, Dr. Lyle Koca, Dr. Dennis Nikitow, Dr. Liam Schubel and others. The event takes place at the Westin Westminster Hotel in Denver Colorado. Come get your chiropractic on with high-altitude and attitude. I'm fired up just writing about the event. Get more details on the Mile High Chiropractic Philosphy Weekend seminar page and click through to visit the website for online registration.

Wherever you choose to go, put a charge of chiropractic spizzerinctum in your life, and have an amazing summer!

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