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Chiropractors in/or around Brentwood, CA

Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich, DC
The Good Chiropractor

Dr. Ken Gee Ehrlich, DC graduated from UC Santa Barbara and Cleveland Chiropractic College LA in 1998.
Dr. Ehrlich has been in private chiropractic practice in West Los Angeles since 2000.
His office is in network for almost every insurance and has affordable care for those without insurance.

310 694 5044
11945 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Los Angeles, CA 90025

Keep Charging With Chiropractic Care!


Dr. Luke Cohen, DC
Innate Chiropractic Center

Dr. Cohen is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles.
Office is located on Marquez way in the Pacific Palisades of California.
Dr. Luke's office serves the residents of Malibu, the Palisades, and surrounding areas.

310 230-1899
16624 Marquez Ave.
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


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About Brentwood, Los Angeles: The area between Sunset and San Vicente west of Kenter and Bundy is referred to as Brentwood Park and directly to the east of Brentwood Park lies Westgate. The Brentwood Hills are home to Mount St. Mary's College and the Getty Center. Between Sunset Blvd. and the Brentwood Hills lie Bundy and Kenter Canyons; Crestwood Hills is located in the northern part of Kenter Canyon. The part of Brentwood that is bounded by Sunset, the 405 Freeway and the Veterans Administration is called Brentwood Glen. South Brentwood lies between San Vicente and Wilshire Boulevards and the eastern boundary of Santa Monica. The area's ZIP code is 90049.

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