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(310) 401-7664

ADIO Chiropractic Center
Dr. Michael Dorausch
12740 Culver Blvd.
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

We are located halfway between the 90 Fwy. and Centinela Blvd.
Office is on the corner of McConnell and Culver.
Get maps below for easy directions.

Just 2 miles from the Ritz Carlton and the Marina del Rey Marriott
and less than 1.5 miles from Toyota of Marina del Rey.

Maps from some of our favorite MDR locations...

Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey

Marriott Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey Toyota

LAX Marina del Rey

Some neighborhood tips and things we dig!

DSL service in Marina Del Rey: we use Verizon
MDR Restaurants: (our favorites) Tony P's, Jerry's Deli, Warehouse, CPK (on Admiralty)

MDR-Venice-Bike Path: Primarily runs along Washington Blvd, Admiralty Way, & Fiji Way. At the end of Fiji you can cross the bridge (along the jetty) and then continues along the beach (south of Vista del Mar). Check this google map link for the bridge crossing along the jetty. The bike path also runs alongside the North side of Ballona Creek but it is not as nice a ride as along the beach.


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