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Planet Chiropractic - Los Angeles Marketing Center

Planet Chiropractic (Los Angeles, CA) offers creative and flexible advertising programs to suit your specific budget and marketing needs. Planet Chiropractic has a thorough understanding of our reader behavior and a strong success rate targeting members of our audience according to advertiser objectives.

If the language below is at all confusing to you, feel free to call us or email us for more info. We want you to understand the benefits of internet advertising as well as the benefits to advertising with us.


If you want your product or service featured on Planet Chiropractic, a simple way to do so is to get involved in the Google Adwords Program. Also, check to see if our chiropractic classifieds are of value to you.

Most of the info here is outdated as we accept very few new advertisers. We have found that ads from student loan consolidators, chiropractic schools, and local chiropractors currently provide better revenue for us than the previous models we relied on.

We are seeking a few key vendors/suppliers to work with...

chiropractic software providers
chiropractic schools
student loan consolidation companies
chiropractic table companies

For as little as $500.00 per month we can incorporate your company into our web construct, delivering your information throughout our network. Our homepage alone is a valuable piece of online chiropractic real estate. Requires a one year commitment.

Banner Advertising
Chiropractors visit our site because they're looking for information, tools and services that they can put to use in their practices. By placing banner advertisements, either run of network or within vertical channels that relate to your product or service, you have the opportunity to reach qualified decision makers at the moment most relevant to your message. We offer several strategic placements for banners.

Banner Sizes: 468x60, 120x60, 120x90, 120x400, 120x500 (skyscraper), and (up to) 480x300 pop-up & pop-under ads. GIF, Animated GIF, and JPEG formats are currently accepted.

Must use 216-color Web safe palette
Must function cross-platform on 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0 browsers -- Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox and AOL browser versions.

Email Marketing
The email-marketing programs at Planet Chiropractic are designed to optimize the number of qualified leads and user conversions. For advertisers, they represent a targeted opportunity to reach the most active members of Planet Chiropractic. Planet Chiropractic currently offers two email vehicles to reach our business decision makers: 

CHIROPRACTIC-NEWS Bi-Weekly newsletter
CHIROPRACTIC-NEWS AOL Bi-Weekly newsletter custom designed for our AOL users

CHIROPRACTIC-NEWS, our flagship Bi-weekly newsletter, goes out to a total of 19,000+ subscribers. 14,000+ of these users have subscribed to the newsletter directly through the Planet Chiropractic ( website.

Online Promotions
Generate additional excitement and reader interest in your campaign with a contest or promotion. Planet Chiropractic will work with you to prepare a campaign that would be well suited for our subscribers. Our users love to win free stuff and we have had great success with this format.

*This is an easy way to get into our newsletter or recognized on our website. Offer to give away some FREE supplies or stuff like chiropractic software, postcards, tables, etc... Offer up an iPod or digital camera and we'll work you into one of our promotions.

For example, we hold a contest to win a FREE Mp3 player "brought to you by..." You'd get exposure for up to 30 days.

Planet Chiropractic Rate Card

Banner Advertising
RON - Run of Network (entire site)
CPM - Cost Per Thousand Ad Views
Targeted - Homepage, News, Audio-Video, Events, Classifieds

Targeted banners (468x60) $75 CPM
RON banners (468x60) $50 CPM
Targeted banners (120x60) $65 CPM
RON banners (120x60) $40 CPM
Targeted banners (120x90) $70 CPM
RON banners (120x90) $45 CPM
Targeted banners (120x400) $125 CPM
RON banners (120x400) $100 CPM
Targeted pop-up (size varies) $550 CPM
RON pop-up (size varies) $450 CPM
Targeted pop-under (size varies) $450 CPM
RON pop-under (size varies) $350 CPM

Email Marketing
Newsletter to subscribers $75 - $125 CPM
Stand-alone emails $250 - $350 CPM

Planet Chiropractic requires a minimum of a $300 investment on all advertising contracts.

Cancellation Policy
No cancellation permitted.

All rates are net and subject to change, dependent on available inventory.
All Planet Chiropractic proposals are available on a first-come basis and expire 5 days after submission.
Payment in advance will be required for the first ad campaign while a credit history is established.
Exclusivity, as negotiated.

Contact Information

We individualize each Marketing Campaign to tailor to your needs. After you have read the information above, please contact us and we will schedule some time to discuss your marketing effort. 

Contact Information:

Planet Chiropractic
Michael Dorausch, D.C.
2509 Ocean Ave.
Venice, CA 90291
phone: 310.795.8693
fax: 310.301.4569

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