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Submitting an article for publication
We often receive e-mails from chiropractors across the globe commenting on the magnificent and original news that they find on Planet Chiropractic. We also frequently receive requests for more chiropractic news, especially positive chiropractic news. Our response to those requests is that it requires chiropractors to do positive things for us to report with such chiropractic news. Not only that, but we need to know about it before we can report on it. That's where you come in.

Got news?
You may think that what you have is not news. Remember, you never know how far-reaching something you may write today may affect the lives of countless millions tomorrow. Maybe you are the chiropractor for the local soccer team? Maybe you are the chiropractor for a foreign Olympic team? Maybe you are a chiropractor in some remote location and still make house calls. Maybe incredible chiropractic miracles are occurring in your community. All of that is news to us and we'd like to hear about.

How to submit an article:
Submitting an article is easy and we encourage you to do so. There's no easier way to send us an article then via e-mail. You can send your file as a text attachment or include it in the body of the e-mail itself. You can also send us text in Microsoft's document format. That's the *.doc extension.

When sending us information please be sure to include the proper spelling of your name, where you practice, your gender, your e-mail address, your office address, and office phone number so that we can get in touch with you if needed. If you're a student, let us know what school you attend and when you plan to graduate.

What's Not News
Advertorials. Articles about why your insurance is better than anyone else's, for example, is not appropriate "news" for Planet Chiropractic. If you would like more information about advertising, please click here.

How many words?
We find that about 700 words are plenty for an article to be viewed on the Internet. You are welcome to send us text that includes more than or less than 700 words. But that should give you the basic idea. Articles that are 1000 to 3000 words may be suitable for our featured article format. Let us know if you have something of this nature. So start jotting your words down and e-mail them off to us, maybe you'll be published.

We have been getting lots of articles during the past few months and we appreciate all that have been participating. We try and get everything posted but sometimes it can take a few weeks. If your message is urgent, please let us know and we will attempt to get it posted immediately.

You can also send us photos, either via snail mail, or as e-mail attachments. We'll take care of the technical stuff involved in getting it prepared for the net. For those of you that have video or audio to submit, please e-mail us at or call us in Los Angeles at (310) 795-8693.


Maximal News
Getting the most out of Planet Chiropractic New Services

During the past years that we've been running the planet chiropractic news service we have received all kinds of insightful and creative input from chiropractors across the globe as to how our news articles are used. So many of you use our articles in so many different ways. We hope to offer assistance to those of you that may be looking for new ideas or tools that will provide ways of getting chiropractic information to your community.

A chiropractor in Iowa has set up a planet chiropractic news board in her office. She says that her patients love it and they look forward to reading the current articles of the week. "It's the talk of the office," she says.

Setting up a board like this is easy to do. You can set up a corkboard style display with thumbtacks so that you can print and post articles on a daily basis in your office. (Remember, our members are welcome to use our articles in their chiropractic offices, please read our terms for details)

Some offices report using clear plastic inserts throughout the office. These are the kind that you find that places such as Staples or Office Depot. Some chiropractors have put these displays throughout the office and mix and match the articles on a regular basis.

Actually, in many cases it's the staff that is printing articles and placing articles around the office. That's good news to us for more than one reason. First, it suggests that the office is working together as a team. (and we are part of it) Second, something that we are very proud of is the fact that so many chiropractors contact us to commend us on the content in our articles. Articles that are congruent with representing a chiropractic lifestyle is a primary focal point of what we do.

While one doctor may not have a concern for certain terminology such as the use of the term spinal manipulation, others have spent years educating their patients and folks in the community that spinal manipulation is just something they do not do, as a chiropractor they adjust. While this may not be important to you in particular, it serves a void for many chiropractors in our profession who often find themselves having to re-explain something their folks were previously told was chiropractic.

We also often hear that articles are used for new patient lectures. Maybe you want to highlight certain features of the article and make photocopies to share with your community. There are so many possibilities. If you have an idea or suggestions on how we can make the News or this page better, please e-mail us at

Also, if you are looking for specific topics and you can't find them on the site, feel free to e-mail us in we'll see if we can help.

We appreciate your continued support.


E-mail to Authors
E-mail the author of an article

So you'd like to e-mail the author of a news article published on Planet Chiropractic?
In many cases it may be as simple as clicking on the envelope envelope you see at the top of the article. This will often launch your computers e-mail client with the appropriate e-mail address in the to: column.

The e-mail will first be routed to our office and if needed will be forwarded to the author along with your comments and your e-mail address. With respect to our author's privacy, we do not provide e-mail addresses to any third party without first receiving the permission of the author. We find this is a professional, appropriate, and respectable way to treat those who submit articles.

Did not find what you were looking for? Let us know.

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