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Welcome to Planet Chiropractic Search
Sometimes, trying to find what you are looking for can become an all-day task. Read our tips below to get the most out of our selection of search tools. Our search system is a continual work in progress. For searching news content, check out our alphabetically organized database of some of the most popular terms appearing in Planet Chiropractic news articles during the past thirteen years.

Alphabetical Keyword Search: Click on a letter below to view popular words beginning with that letter.
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To Use Search On Planet Chiropractic:
  • Type in the keyword or keywords you are searching for.
  • Choose a category from the drop-down list. (News Archives will search the most content)
  • Click the "search" button to begin your search.

Choosing an appropriate category:
News Archives searches the Planet Chiropractic news database. Here you can search hundreds of chiropractic news articles that are all available in a printer friendly format. If your looking for topics to share with the patients/practice members in your office, this is a good place to start.

Classified Ads searches the Planet Chiropractic classified ads database. Use this tool when your looking for particular chiropractic products or services such as adjusting tables, surface EMG, x-ray equipment, associates and substitute doctors, chiropractic jobs, practices/clinics for sale, etc...

Chiropractic Events searches the Chiropractic Events Worldwide database for up to date chiropractic events information. If your looking for a chiropractic seminar, such as for re-licensing, this is your tool. Try and be specific when searching for events. For example, if you were planning to attend a Parker Seminar in Las Vegas, type: "Parker Vegas", rather than just "parker."

Chiropractic Schools searches information related to all chiropractic schools we have data on. Mostly USA and Canada.

Planet Chiropractic searches the Planet Chiropractic website for pages not listed in the news archives, classifieds, or seminars. Use this tool when your looking for a particular web page or file on our site. Great for finding stuff like featured articles, as well as chiropractic audio & chiropractic video.

So what else are you looking for?
A Good Chiropractor
Who isn't?
We get emails, faxes, and phone calls from all over the world on a daily basis from people looking for a chiropractor in their area. Many requests come from those that have been browsing our site, but we also have chiropractic staff members, students, and DC's, requesting referrals.

There must be several dozen search engines that "specialize" in these types of searches yet none that we have found perform the task effectively.

We would like to know what is most important to you when looking for a chiropractor, either for you, or your patients. Email us with your suggestions and maybe together we can build a better engine.

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