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Cranial Laser Classifieds Plus
Cranial Laser, Family Practices For Sale, Associate Positions, Fully Equipped Offices, and oodles more in todays chiropractic classifieds collection of recent advertisements. Smarter economics means seeking out better deals for successful chiropractor operations....
Life University Live on Twitter
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Marietta, GA - Life University is making history in Chiropractic and on the Web. Once again showing who is the leading school in chiropractic when it comes to innovation, use of technology, and social media, we witnessed today that... NOTHING IS BIGGER THAN LIFE.
Mother's Day Chiropractor Classifieds
232 new classified advertisements in the queue since the beginning of May, with ads for items such as a myovision 8000, x-ray processor, hydraulic hand dynamometer, high frequency x-ray, impulse adjusting instruments, patient education systems, and chiropractic p...
2009 July 1 Chiropractor Classifieds
The month of June featured lots of new chiropractic classified advertisements placed in the categories of practices for sale, chiropractic jobs, employment opportunities, and equipment for sale by private parties. Nearly all the practices for sale are listed in t...
Parker College of Chiropractic Dedicates Lab in Memory of Chiropractor
Parker College of Chiropractic News
September 3, 2009 (Dallas, TX) -- Parker College of Chiropractic held a dedication ceremony commemorating the naming of the Dr. Alfred Zimmer States Diversified Technique Lab on Parker's campus in honor of the memory of Dr. States, a man who dedicated his l...
Parker College Alumni and Friends Connect during Las Vegas Reception
Parker Chiropractic News
(Las Vegas) -- Parker College of Chiropractic held its largest Alumni reception in Las Vegas during the Parker 2010 Vegas Seminar. Parker alumni and friends gathered and reconnected. This year's event was exclusive to alumni and guest only and was the most well attende...
Chiropractic Questions From Pennsylvania
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
I'm 23 from Pennsylvania and I'm starting a pre-chiropractic track at IUP here this coming spring. I know I'm jumping the gun on this but I cant help but think what would be more productive, to find a job with a firm? Or start my own business? I definitely want to sta...
9/11 One Decade In: Promises Made, Promises Kept?
By Dr. Madeline Behrendt, D.C.
On September 11, 2001 America's nervous system suffered a massive insult, overloading all physical and emotional stress circuits. We became stronger, increasing our compassion, capacity, and production. We became more fragile, and so many made promises, seeking a ...
Documenting Chiropractic Relief Efforts at Ground Zero
By Dr. Madeline Behrendt, D.C.
Excerpted with permission from Pearls of Wisdom
What if I told you there is a Chiropractic story more popular than news about real electronic brains, or medical stories from the Mayo Clinic and Harvard, is that something you might be interested in? Perhaps t...
Las Vegas Parker Seminars 2013

By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
January 2013 is time for chiropractic education and motivation in Las Vegas, Nevada. I've often said before that January is the perfect time to begin a year and chiropractic with a conference extravaganza. The Rio Hotel in Las Vegas at Parker Seminars is the perfe...
Chiropractor Authors Greatest Inspirational Quotes Book
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Chiropractor Joe Tichio recently authored a book titled Greatest Inspirational Quotes - 365 days to more happiness, success, and motivation. Dr. Joe sent a copy to Planet Chiropractic and I have to say I love the book. It is easy to read and it features quotes that ca...
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