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NYC Marathon - New York City Marathon 2008
By Michael Dorausch, DC
On Sunday morning, November 2, an estimated 39,000 runners of every pace, ability and marathon experience level, will run 26.2 miles through the streets of 5 New York City boroughs. In addition, more than 2 million spectators are expected to turn out to cheer on family...
Chiropractor Vincent Malba runs New York Marathon
By Daria Belov --
To the streets of New York City were a sea of colors this past Sunday, as some 40,000 runners crossed the Verrazano Bridge in Staten Island, ran 26.2 miles through five NYC boroughs, and finished up their journey in Central Park. Among that sea of people moving through the st...
Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
From what I'm seeing in search results regarding weather conditions in my hometown of Long Island, New Jersey, and all over the northern East Coast, it looks like road conditions are quite hazardous, and schools have been closing all over. If you hadn't already seen i...
US Open Golf 2009 Leaderboard and TV Schedule
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
The 2009 US Open Golf Championship has made it to the weekend, despite rain hitting Long Island, making play difficult on the already treacherous Bethpage Black course at Bethpage State Park in New York. If you're not watching the US Open live on NBC, there are severa...
California state law now requires fluoridation of municipal water
By Darrel Crain, D.C.
"Water, gentlemen, is the one substance from which the earth can conceal nothing. It sucks out its innermost secrets and brings them to our very lips." By coincidence, Jean Giraudoux wrote these words in 1945, the same year fluoride was first brought to American lips throu...
Chiropractic Wife Candice Michelle in April Playboy
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Candice Michelle, known to many as the "Go Daddy Girl" for her appearances in the popular commercials that first aired during the 2005 Super Bowl, is featured in this months April issue of Playboy magazine. What many people don't know is that Candice Michel...
Chiropractic & Clarity
A Monday Morning Message
By Sharon Gorman, D.C.
I am very grateful to be a Chiropractor. I am very grateful that I am very clear of what my responsibility is to the patients. I am very clear of my vision for Chiropractic. I am very clear of my vision of my life (for the next few years at lea...
New York Chiropractic Council Donates $5,000 to Chiropractors of Louisiana and Mississippi

New York, NY -- January 20th, 2006:
The images of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were plastered all over the media 5 months ago. The clean up continues and the telethons are over, and now reality is settling in. The economic climate in these areas is poor. This is affecting the entire community,...
Chiropractic in the News
A glimpse at some of todays chiropractic stories worldwide...
Marco Island, Florida
Hundreds of women are choosing home birth in the state of Florida is a welcome alternative to giving birth in a busy hospital setting.
From the article... "I did a lot of research on my own. I didn't jus...
Fish Spills Guts
By Harvey Fish, D.C.
"Sudden, Unexpected Death May Kill Many Adults" -- headline from Reuters Health, March 28
I don't know about you but the headline above speaks very loudly about the way folks in the media try and communicate to us about some of the more humorless aspects of life. I sus...
Public Citizen Releases Questionable Doctor Database
Consumers Can Search Online for Their Doctor
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The consumer advocacy group Public Citizen today released new information about 1,111 physicians who have been disciplined by Texas's state medical board and other agencies for incompetence, misprescribing drugs, sexual misconduct,...
Chiropractic, Medicine, Manipulation & More
Provided by Rob Sinnott, D.C., LCP (Hon) and Norris A. Erickson, D.C., LCP (Hon)
The following is my understanding of the circumstances that we find ourselves in today. The dirt on the Canada situation is not new by any means. This is another example of what happened when the ACA powers changed...
Chiropractors Still Serving Ground Zero Workers
The following appeared in the Staten Island Advance - a local paper serving 450,000 residents within the city of New York.
Inside Out
Friday, December 28, 2001
Dr. Victor Dolan, a Grasmere chiropractor and community activist, has offered complimentary treatment to recovery volunteers at...
An Outpouring of Love
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
In spite of the tragic events of the week we have been reminded over and over again of one thing... love. I was in my downtown Los Angeles office Tuesday morning when the first call came in. Chiropractors called from the east coast to inform me of the news and to sugge...
Chiropractic Missions in Your Backyard
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Planet chiropractic has published many articles related to chiropractic missions during the past two years. Often times chiropractors are found gathering up their gear and traveling many miles to take care of many folks in faraway places. The intent is always the same;...
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