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Sunday Ads for the Week of March 02, 2008
by planetc1 classifieds
Whether you are seeking Chiropractic Supplies and Equipment for Sale (like a DRX 9000) or Job Opportunities (like an Associate position in Cincinnati) and Practices for Sale, this post is a weekly round up of the most recent advertisements placed in the Classifieds secti...
Non Spooky Wednesday Chiropractic Ads for October 29, 2008
Whether you are seeking Chiropractic Equipment and Supplies for Sale or Job Seekers and Practices for Sale (32 Chiropractor Businesses Listed), this post is a round up of the most recent advertisements placed in the Classifieds section on Planet Chiropractic. Fe...
What Time Do Polls Close - Election Day Vote 2008
By Michael Dorausch, DC
Below is a nationwide list of voting polls hours. You may have found yourself asking what time do polls open in my area? Depending on where you live in the United States, polling places in your area could be opening as early as 6 a.m. or as late as 12 noon. Just as im...
Chiro Classifieds Jan2009 Deals and Steals
Chiropractic classified advertising for January 2009 includes recent ads placed for Tingle TXR 325 D X ray, Summit ChiroSelect X-Ray, an AGFA xray Processor, a San Francisco Downtown Office for sale, used Omegatrac IST, and chiropractic tables like Elite Hylo tab...
Parker Seminars Hosts the Premier Event within Chiropractic
By Kerri Kossick
With the dawn of a new presidency, all eyes shift to the escalating health care crisis in America. Many look to the new administration as a beacon of hope for a solution, while others already know the solution has come. In fact, it has been around for more than one hundred yea...
Cranial Laser Classifieds Plus
Cranial Laser, Family Practices For Sale, Associate Positions, Fully Equipped Offices, and oodles more in todays chiropractic classifieds collection of recent advertisements. Smarter economics means seeking out better deals for successful chiropractor operations....
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