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March Chiropractic Practices For Sale
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
I was browsing through the Planet Chiropractic Classifieds today and I noticed there were 112 active listings of practices for sale. While the majority of them (90) are in the U.S., it is great to see some offices getting listed that are in other countries. I was not i...
32 Chiropractor Businesses For Sale and the Changing Economy
By Daria Belov
Checking my Google feed reader over the weekend I was stunned to see more than 30 chiropractic businesses had been listed for sale in classified ads posted on I don't know if it's a sign of our changing economy or just a popular time of year for chiropra...
Classifieds Plus Asheville NC Practice For Sale
Entering the end of April with advertisings posted to the chiropractic classifieds section of Planet Chiropractic. There's an Activator IV EZ Grip, a Dynatron Solaris, Gonstead Equipment, and more. There's also practices for sale in San Jose, Kansas, Ireland and ...
Marketing Practices Equipment For Sale Chiro MidWeek Ads
Hey hey, it's the end of May, and there's plenty of chiropractic classifieds getting placed each and everyday. Practices for sale, adjusting tables for sale, chiropractors hiring associates, and plenty of people seeking employment in the chiropractic workspace. W...
Summer Chiropractic Practices For Sale
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Happy summer 2017! I was just logged in and checking the chiropractic classifieds, I see there's no shortage of Chiropractic practices for sale. I noticed about half a dozen chiropractic practices being listed for sale within the hour.
Note: while writing this pos...
Decompression Table For Sale and other Classifieds
Online postings of chiropractic classifieds during the past 5 days have been on a daily steady stream. Ads placed included decompression tables, digital x-ray units, drx900 tables, 2007 myovision lease takeover, x-ray processors, Zenith HyLo adjusting tables, and...
SpineMed Spinal Decompression For Sale and other Classifieds
With the amount of new classified ads posted during the past week we may have two more summaries before the weekend is over. Online postings of chiropractic classifieds during the past week now have been pretty strong (chiropractors must be cleaning up their offi...
Pro Adjuster For Sale Free X-ray Unit Classifieds
Pro Adjuster Gear, X-Ray Units and Film Processor, Practices For Sale, Associate Positions, and more in todays chiropractic classifieds collection of recent advertisements placed. Browse/search the pages for chiropractic business deals that suit you best.
Recipe for New Graduate Failure
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
What's already been a standard concern for many young chiropractors graduating from school and opening new practices, is likely to be intensified in the coming months, thanks to the credit crunch and downturn in the US financial markets. It's tough enough starting up o...
Post Election Chiropractic Ads for November 5, 2008
By --
The presidential election is over, and it's time to get back to work. Here are this week's job and office for sale classified ads. Whether it be Chiropractic Equipment and Supplies for Sale or Work Opportunities and Clinics for Sale (like this one in New Hampsh...
Post CMA Day Chiropractic Ads for November 13, 2008
By --
It's Thursday and the CMA Awards (country music's biggest) are over (Kenny Chesney won Entertainer of the Year award). Our normal Wednesday posting of classified ad results was postponed as a result, but you can view them all today. This weeks job and office f...
Purging Advertisements and Moving Forward
By Daria Belov
2008 was quite a year for chiropractic classified advertising on Categories such as Chiropractor Practices For Sale and the Help Wanted categories had reached all-time highs for listings. More than 800 chiropractic offices were listed for sale across the ...
City Chiropractic Sales in San Francisco other Metros
Scores of chiropractic practices for sale have been posted to chiropractic classifieds during the past 9 months. A bunch of new listings went live earlier this week and wanted to bring them some attention. How to choose what cities to highlight? I asked on twitte...
Chiropractic Classifieds - Watch out for Scams
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Classified Ads sites are all over the internet. Even the most popular classified services such as craigslist experience scam activity daily. Our chiropractic classifieds are no exeption. Just like with everything you do on the internet, if you are posting ads, watch ou...
Too Fat for Chiropractic?
by Phat chiropractor, Michael Dorausch
Have you ever had someone so big (as in heavy) in your chiropractic office that you just could not fit them in front of the x-ray Bucky? You get out your calipers and the end falls off when trying to make the measurement. You glance at your patient's belly...
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