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Life Source chiropractic seminar this past weekend
By Dr. Stew Bittman
I got to see one of my heroes on this principled journey at the Life Source seminar this past weekend, Dr. Will Tickel. Over the years, Will has claimed that BJ actually wrote, "Get the idea; all else follows"--note the absence of the word "big." And whether or not that's tr...
6 Months Highlighted Seminars for Chiropractic 2008
by Daria Belov
Happy 2008! A new year means new conference and seminar schedules for the health-care industry of chiropractic. Professional events for chiropractors are held worldwide and there's lots of opportunity to attend a number of great conferences this year. I've compiled a brief list o...
Continuing Education Seminars February and March 2008
by Daria Belov
February 2008 is nearly complete but chiropractic events and conferences are continuing throughout the month, with many upcoming seminars in the month of March, April, and May. Whether you are seeking chiropractic seminars in the sun, state relicensing information, or a conferenc...
April Events and KiroTastic Seminar Schedules
By Daria Belov
Time to make sure your airline flights are booked, hotel blocks are confirmed, and you've got your bags packed, because there is a slew of chiropractic seminars, conferences, events, and meet ups taking place throughout the United States (and in other parts of the world). Decembe...
More April Events and ChiroMania Seminars
By Daria Belov
With so many changes in the airline industry, you better make sure your flights are booked and you're ready to rock 'n roll in the months of April and May, since some of the hottest chiropractic seminars, conferences, events, and meet ups taking place throughout the United States...
Seminar Pipeline for May and June
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Not all readers of Planet Chiropractic need information about upcoming seminars and events specific to chiropractors practicing in the industry, but we post this information for those seeking to keep up-to-date on what potential seminars are in the pipeline. I attend a...
August and September Chiropractic Seminar Updates
by Daria Belov
Not many chiropractic conferences or seminars seem to take place during the month of July, as it is primarily a time for family and summer fun. The months of August and September feature several big seminars and conferences taking place throughout the United States. Locations lik...
Airport Hotels Rock For Seminars
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Conferences and seminars are one of the best ways to network, learn from experts, and peddle wares at vendor booths. With so much already going on and all the travel involved in getting to out of state locations (or even in-state events), it's surprising to me not mor...
First Ever Network Seminar in South America
Peruvian Chiropractic Alliance
Lima - Peru - South America -- On August 22-23 2009 Dr. Donald Epstein presented his newly revised Basic Care Intensive Seminar for Network Spinal Analysis for the first time ever in South America to a very receptive group of Chiropractors in Lima, Peru. Dr Epste...
Thousands in Dallas receive Southern Hospitality at Parker Seminars
Parker College of Chiropractic News
September 30, 2009 (Dallas) -- Parker Seminars played host to more than 1,500 chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, massage therapists, and chiropractic students from all over the world. The seminar included Parker traditions along with many new events, sp...
Parker Seminars Recognizes 2010 Chiropractor and Chiropractic Assistant of the Year
Parker Chiropractic News
(Las Vegas) -- The prestigious Chiropractor of the Year Award was presented at Parker Seminars Las Vegas - the world's largest chiropractic seminar to Dr. Bill DeMoss from DeMoss Chiropractic in Newport Beach, California, Dr. Robert Kipp from Pro-Health Chiropractic in...
Parker Seminars Hosts Worlds Largest Chiropractic Seminar
Parker Chiropractic News
LAS VEGAS -- Parker Seminars held 2011 Parker Seminars Las Vegas - the largest gathering of chiropractic professionals in the world on January 13-15. More than 3,500 doctors of chiropractic and chiropractic assistants attended to learn innovative chiropractic technique...
Parker Seminars Holds Second Largest Seminar of the Year
Parker Chiropractic News
DALLAS -- Parker Seminars held its second largest seminar in Dallas, Texas where more than 1,500 chiropractors, chiropractic assistants, and chiropractic students from around the world attended. Parker Seminars has a decades-long tradition of excellence in chiropracti...
Parker Seminars Las Vegas January 2012
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Parker Seminars is taking place in Las Vegas on January 19-21, 2012. The three day chiropractic extravaganza will be held at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino, located just off the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and easily accessible via the Las Vegas Monorail. Park...
Parker Seminars Las Vegas Hosts Largest Event in Chiropractic
Parker University News
LAS VEGAS -- Each year DCs and CAs from around the globe travel to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the largest chiropractic seminar in the world-Parker Seminars Las Vegas. This past week, more than 5,300 Parker Seminar attendees flocked to the fresh and exciting line-up of course...
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