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House Committee Says Yes to Chiropractic
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
House Committee Passes Six Veterans' Health Care Measures
The House Veterans' Affairs Committee on Tuesday (May 15, 2007) by voice vote approved six veterans' health care bills that would expand free care for war veterans, establish brain injury research centers and...
President Bush Signs Chiropractic Veterans Bill

On January 23, 2002, President Bush signed legislation mandating the establishment of chiropractic benefits in the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) health care system. This law authorizes the hiring of chiropractors in the DVA and authorizes representatives from the chiropractic profession t...
Will Chiropractic Take Over Taiwan Healthcare System
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Some medical doctors in Taiwan are not happy with a proposed legislation that will allow foreign educated doctors of chiropractic to practice legally in Taiwan.
Medical Doctors are afraid of losing money, and when doctors get the fear, they go on the attack. Docto...
Fellow Strollers of the Principled Chiropractic Path
By Stew Bittman, D.C.
"The path of least resistance", according to BJ Palmer, "is what makes rivers and men crooked." When I choose to look honestly at my practice and my life (as if I'm fooling me when I choose otherwise), I see the truth of that statement. All too often. And after 15 years on...
The chiropractic law we've been waiting for!
from WCA
If you are a regular reader of news from the World Chiropractic Alliance you have probably already read about "H.R. 2560" which is intended as an amendment to the Social Security Act to clarify the scope of chiropractic services in the United States.
House Bill 2560 will:
New Coalition Organized to Defend Chiropractic Independence
Forwarded by FSCO Member Communications
According to a newly formed coalition, chiropractic is in danger of being taken over by a group of medically oriented chiropractors and organizations who are trying to change the very nature of the profession, and in the process minimizing the profession'...
Chiropractic Care Brings Greater Satisfaction to Military
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
On Sunday, November 26, 2000, the Associated Press reported with a news wire that read "Law gives chiropractic care option to military." The article appeared in the Sunday edition of the Killeen Daily Herald, a newspaper of central Texas.
According to the article,...
Chiropractic Group Endorses Jerry Brown as Candidate for Attorney General
CCA Announces Endorsement of Jerry Brown Candidate for Attorney General
Fax received by the CCA on 09/29/06
The California Chiropractic Association is pleased to announce the endorsement of former Governor and mayor of Oakland candidate Jerry Brown for the office of Attorney General. Please ...
Surgeon General Report on Chiropractic
Surgeon General Report on Chiropractic
Washington, D.C.
APRIL 1, 2011
Effective, well-documented care exists for the most common spinal disorders, yet nearly 87% of all Americans who have subluxations fail to seek chiroprac...
Chiropractic Care for Veterans
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
I received notice today from the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) that US Representative Bob Filner's legislative initiative to provide program wide chiropractic staffing at all US Department of Veterans Affairs facilities, H.R. 1470, has passed out of the...
Ginormous and other new dictionary words for chiropractic practice
by Daria Belov
If you've been running out of things to say while adjusting your chiropractic patients, never fear, Merriam-Webster has 100 new dictionary words for your linguistic pleasure. They have a list of the new terms on their m-w website. You can view them at... New Words 2007
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Vetoes Senate Bill 801
by ICA News
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has stepped forward on behalf of sound public policy and acted in the best interests of the chiropractic profession and the public by vetoing the dangerous and disruptive Senate Bill 801. This legislation would have dramatically revised the ...
Summary of Chiropractic Employment Resources
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Among the most popular content searched on Planet Chiropractic is information regarding chiropractic employment, chiropractic jobs, salaries, income, and other career related topics. Those searches range from people seeking basic information about becoming a chiropract...
Chiropractic Christmas Trees
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
There is likely not many places you'll go this holiday season where you can find bones hanging on the Christmas tree. They may be made of plastic, but this crazy chiropractor in Los Angeles likes to decorate the chiropractic Christmas tree with little spine key chains,...
December 4 Ads Chiropractic Classifieds
Chiropractic jobs and practices for sale continued to be popular searches in the classifieds for the month of November. Today we round up recent classifieds placed for digital x-ray systems, Brican media systems, gait analysis systems, cervical intersegmental tra...
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