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Target and Wal-Mart to sell Discount Prescription Drugs
by Michael Dorausch, DC
I started seeing news earlier this week that Wal-Mart was going to slash prices on generic drugs. I then began seeing news this weekend that Target was going to follow Wal-Marts lead and also dramatically cut prices on prescription drugs.
I've been checking some ne...
Everyone Can`t Be In The Front Row
By Dr. Jim Dubel
Life is a theater. Invite your audience carefully. Not everyone is healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives. There are some people in your life that need to be loved from a distance. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you let go, or at least minimize, your ti...
Where did this headline go?
by Michael Dorausch, DC
Where did this headline go? As is clearly stated in our website terms of acceptance, this article (and all other content on our site) is not to be copied in any form without written permission from us. The original post (as inflammatory as it appeared) helps us discover ...
Canadians abusing prescription painkillers more than heroin
by Michael Dorausch, DC staff writer
OTTAWA: According to recent research, which was sponsored by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Canadians have been abusing prescription painkillers in greater numbers than they have heroin.
The government-sponsored resea...
Wait and see prescription
By Darrel Crain, Doctor of Chiropractic
(Well Beyond Medicine)
Earaches bring more unhappy children to emergency rooms and pediatric offices each year than just about any other health disorder. Antibiotics remain the most popular medical treatment for earache, with doctors reportedly writing...
Prescription for Chiropractic
By Alexander J. Rinehart, MS, DC, CCN
The viability of Chiropractic's future is as vulnerable today as it was back in 1895.
The Chiropractic profession has been in a bit of a legislative upheaval over the last few months. Most of the uproar has been initiated by the push for prescription ...
Prescription Drugs and Surgery
The Best "First Aid" on Planet Earth
By Sid Mouk, D.C.
The power that made the body can and will heal the body of all dis-eases and diseases known to man, given no interference. This is the basic premise upon which the God-given science, art, and philosophy of Chiropractic is founded.
The Flu - Why Doesn't Everyone Get It?
By Stacy Larsen, D.C.
That darn "flu bug" is going around again. It has been spotted driving north on the highway as well as through many local communities. Now, if we could just get the license plate of the car and apprehend that pesky varmint, we could stop him in his tracks.
This is a ...
Everyone Tell The Story
By Rodney Sparks, D.C.
Recently I was invited on the local news to do a 5-minute health segment. I considered how and what I could talk about in that short of a time period, and I realized that all I needed to do was just tell the story! The first thing I told the news anchor is that I would sh...
Canada Wants New Rules on Prescriptions

An inquest into a teenager's death is resulting in calls for new rules on prescription drugs in Canada.
According to a recent article from The Canadian Press, a jury is calling for substantial changes to be made regarding Canadian rules on prescription drugs. The changes are being sought fo...
FDA policy leads to more deadly drugs news
Note: During the past year we have seen an increase in articles, from many sources, highlighting the dangers associated with prescription drug use. While some may see it simply as medical bashing, others feel there is a responsibility to tell the truth about our current health...
One in Five Have Problems With Prescriptions
A recent study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine finds that many patients are suffering from the side effects of prescription drugs.
It is estimated the three out of four patients visiting a medical doctor will leave with a prescription drug. The study sought to find out how many of t...
The Cellular Side of the Story on Health
By Darrel Crain, DC
There are so many diseases to choose from these days, no one seems to know exactly how many there are. I have heard estimates from medical experts of least 10,000 different ways to be sick. By remarkable coincidence, many of these diseases were discovered and described just ...
No Prescription Required
By Darrel Crain, DC
It's official: over half the insured adult population in this country is on drugs, prescription drugs.
Drug company executives weren't the only ones ecstatic to hear this news, giddy economists threw a week-long champagne party out on the sidewalks of Wall Street to cel...
Letting Go and Letting your Chiropractic Life Grow
By Sharon Gorman, Doctor of Chiropractic
Chiropractor news features content intended specifically for the doctor of chiropractic. Many of the articles on this website (in this particular category) focus on the lifestyle, motivation and discipline related to being an "in the field" chiropractor....
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