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Everyone Can`t Be In The Front Row
By Dr. Jim Dubel
Life is a theater. Invite your audience carefully. Not everyone is healthy enough to have a front row seat in our lives. There are some people in your life that need to be loved from a distance. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you let go, or at least minimize, your ti...
The Flu - Why Doesn't Everyone Get It?
By Stacy Larsen, D.C.
That darn "flu bug" is going around again. It has been spotted driving north on the highway as well as through many local communities. Now, if we could just get the license plate of the car and apprehend that pesky varmint, we could stop him in his tracks.
This is a ...
Everyone Tell The Story
By Rodney Sparks, D.C.
Recently I was invited on the local news to do a 5-minute health segment. I considered how and what I could talk about in that short of a time period, and I realized that all I needed to do was just tell the story! The first thing I told the news anchor is that I would sh...
Letting Go and Letting your Chiropractic Life Grow
By Sharon Gorman, Doctor of Chiropractic
Chiropractor news features content intended specifically for the doctor of chiropractic. Many of the articles on this website (in this particular category) focus on the lifestyle, motivation and discipline related to being an "in the field" chiropractor....
California state law now requires fluoridation of municipal water
By Darrel Crain, D.C.
"Water, gentlemen, is the one substance from which the earth can conceal nothing. It sucks out its innermost secrets and brings them to our very lips." By coincidence, Jean Giraudoux wrote these words in 1945, the same year fluoride was first brought to American lips throu...
Step #20 to a Hundred Chiropractic Patients a Day
By Dr. Rick Wren
The following are success principles intended for doctors and chiropractic. They are designed to help one better serve others in one's community.
Dear Colleagues and Friends, Step #20 to hundred a day (Always look, dress, and act successful) is actually advanced success pr...
Where did this headline go?
by Michael Dorausch, DC
Where did this headline go? As is clearly stated in our website terms of acceptance, this article (and all other content on our site) is not to be copied in any form without written permission from us. The original post (as inflammatory as it appeared) helps us discover ...
Chiropractic History and Chiropractor Faces
by Michael Dorausch, DC
Today we are celebrating nine years of delivering Chiropractic News online. These past few days I was taking a look at our news image archives and I saw the many faces of chiropractors that have had a part in making planet chiropractic a successful destination on the ...
Summer is Almost Gone
by Michael Dorausch, DC
If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you are likely one of the millions engaged in end of summer activities, such as getting kids prepared for going back to school, or preparing for your Labor Day final summer weekend. Having a chiropractic practice nearby the shores...
2008 Hotels Hosting Chiropractic Conferences
by Daria Belov
Small-business industries (like the chiropractic industry) are finalizing their conferences and continuing education seminars for the 2007 season. This is the time of year hotels are booked for holiday parties and festivities rather than professional advancement and educational s...
Time to Join California CCA
By Scott Van Horn
If you were one of the over 1,000 people at CalJam on April 26th I was there with you. What a day and night that was! CalJam was absolutely one of the most inspiring events I have been privileged to experience. And, if you were in the auditorium when Dr. Bill DeMoss opened the...
Anarchy in Healthcare
By Bill DeMoss, D.C.
Why is it chiropractors continue to take care of such a small portion of the people in our great country? Are we telling the story? Are we telling it hard enuff? Why is it everyone goes to a dentist but not a Chiropractor? Humans are now easily the sickest animal on the pla...
Thanksgiving Recipes
By Daria Belov
Like most everyone else in America, chiropractors are gearing up for the short upcoming work week, and looking forward to a four-day 2008 Thanksgiving weekend. Earlier today, Dr. Michael Dorausch organized seven different Thanksgiving side dish videos, which motivated me to sear...
Instructions to post an ad on planet chiropractic
By Michael Dorausch, DC
When you look at a web site day after day, sometimes things that seem obvious to you, are not so obvious to others. I'm aware there are lots of usability issues with the website, and we are working with designers and usability professionals to mak...
Winter Solstice Chiropractic Classifieds
We are only days away from winter solstice and both the Hanukkah and Christmas holidays are growing ever nearer. The latest ads are online and have been newly placed since Sunday, no signs of chiropractors slowing down yet. However, this may be the last chiroprac...
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