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Chiropractic College Opens State of the Art Activity Center
Parker College of Chiropractic News
A festive celebration marked the official grand opening of the Standard Process Student Activity Center located on Parker College of Chiropractic's campus. Standard Process Inc.®, a nutritional food supplement manufacturer, bestowed a generous one million...
2008 Rugby Sunshine Tour with Dr. Fred Schofield
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Dr. Fred Schofield of Phoenix, Arizona is speaking in Deerfield Beach, Florida this weekend for the 2008 Sunshine Tour. The event is an approved Palmer College of Chiropractic educational program that allows doctors of chiropractic to receive up to 12 hours of continui...
Palmer Chiropractic Technologist Program Meets New Iowa Board of Chiropractic Requirements
Palmer College of Chiropractic News
Palmer College of Chiropractic's Department of Undergraduate Studies announces that the Associate of Science in Chiropractic Technology (ASCT) degree program has been recognized as meeting new Iowa physiotherapy legislative requirements. Per the Iowa Board of...
Life Chiropractic College West Welcomes New President
Life West News
Dr. Brian Kelly became the second only president of Life Chiropractic College West on February 1, 2011. Kelly, a native of New Zealand, was an undergraduate student at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand and completed his professional education and training in chiroprac...
Texas Legislature Educated on Vital Chiropractic Profession Issues
Parker Chiropractic News
Austin, Texas -- A group of more than 50 students, faculty, and staff from Parker College of Chiropractic traveled to the Texas State Capitol in Austin, Texas to educate the Texas Legislature on the value and credibility of the chiropractic profession. The Texas Chirop...
Common Doctor of Chiropractic Prerequisites
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
What courses do I have to take in order to be accepted into the chiropractor program? Can I get my pre-chiropractic education at my local community college? I've already taken biology, organic chemistry, two social science courses and a psychology class, what else is ...
Foot Levelers Partners with Life West to Advance Chiropractic Education
Life Chiropractic College West News
Foot Levelers, Inc., an avid and generous supporter of chiropractic education and the profession, has partnered with Life Chiropractic College West in a multi-phased project to be completed over the course of several years. This comprises the second $250,000...
Chiropractic Superstars Deliver Ultimate Seminar Experience
Life Chiropractic College West News
Hayward, California -- Drs. Guy Riekeman, Joe Mercola, Dan Murphy, Don Epstein, James Sigafoose, Claudia Anrig, Billy DeMoss, Bill Esteb, Patrick Gentempo, Matt Hubbard, Dave Jackson, Eric Plasker, Bruce Lipton, Gerry Clum, Corey Rodnick, Brian Kelly, Martha...
Chiropractic Seminar News From Parker Seminars and Dynamic Essentials
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
I mentioned earlier this summer that there's a bunch of chiropractic events and seminars taking place in August and September for 2013. The Life West Wave takes place this weekend in San Francisco California, Schofield Chiropractic Training is taking place in Phoenix o...
Dead Chiropractic Society 2009 Conference in Orange County
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Orange County rocked again with chiropractic glory on March 7, 2009, as chiropractors from around the United States gathered for a day of philosophy, camaraderie, passion, and laughs. Getting together with friends is a major bonus side effect of attending events like ...
Don't Miss These 2013 Summer Chiropractic Events
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
You know it's summer when local parents all bring their kids in on the same morning for a chiropractic adjustment. While kids are out of school and excited to have some summer fun, chiropractors will be having summer fun of their own, and hopefully including their fam...
Doctors thoughts on Chiropractic and the LA Marathon
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Runners from around the country and world have been arriving at LAX airport during the past few days. During my daily runs this week I have been noticing more unfamiliar faces passing me on the beach and I figure most are folks here for Sundays event. I assume they are...
Los Angeles Marathon & Chiropractic
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
The 21st Los Angeles Marathon will be held on Sunday, March 19, 2006 and I am excited about the event!
I have been running for years, so it is only natural that Los Angeles runners continue to show up in our chiropractic office. Most of those that are referred by ...
Are PTs Stealing Chiropractic?
by Bob Braile, D.C.
One of the hottest topics lately has been the movement of Physical Therapists into the area of "Spinal Manipulation." In many states, there is a well organized, well funded push toward expansion of the PT's scope of practice into an area that many DCs see as an encroachment ...
Chiropractic Expansion Trip To Russia - December 2004
by Dr. Jill Howe and Dr. Sherry Durrett
On a cold and snowy night the first part of December, five Chiropractors and two Chiropractic business professionals from three states and two countries arrived in Moscow to take the next step in expanding chiropractic for the Russian people. This project...
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