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Chiropractic Awareness Council Discussion of Vaccination
Chiropractic Awareness Council (Canada)
As many of you are aware, last fall the CCO indicated their intention to effectively put a gag order on the discussion of vaccination by a chiropractor. This came to fruition on Tuesday, February 10 with a vote by the Executive Council to...
Autism Vaccination Discussion Continues On
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
News of autism and questionable connections to mass child vaccination programs, continue to spark fiery discussions that separate those that feel there is distinct link between vaccination in the development of autism, and those who claim there is no signs to support s...
Crain's Chiropractic Column on Vaccination, Heretical Health and Healing
By Darrel Crain, D.C.
"Science," wrote Adam Smith back in 1776, "is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition." He clearly made this remark before the advent of modern medicine. Recently a medical reporter worried, "Is medical science for sale?" To which someone replied, "...
Do Vaccinations Actually Help or Hurt Children?
Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center is interviewed on CNN's American Morning with Paula Zahn
Barbara Loe Fisher was interviewed this morning on CNN regarding a child immunization study completed by the Institute of Medicine last week.
The question by CNN anchor pe...
Forced Vaccination for All
Forwarded by Dawn Richardson
President, PROVE
Below is a link to an article detailing horrifying legislation commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control and written by one of the most dangerous conniving strategists for public health police power that I have ever read the works of. It pr...
Hepatitis B Vaccination For Inmates & Infants

According to a recent article published by Yahoo News, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is calling for hepatitis B vaccination to be offered to inmates in the United States.
Apparently there has been an outbreak of hepatitis B virus infection among male inmates. The arti...
Will Your Child Receive Vaccinations
By Kelly Patton
John and Jane Doe are proud parents of a new baby boy they named Sam. When Sam reaches two months of age, they bring him to his pediatrician for his well-baby check-up. During this routine visit, John and Jane sign a consent form and Sam receives his first DPT shot (Diphtheria, ...
AAPS Speaks Out on Vaccination

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons speaks out on the issue of childhood vaccination.
According to an article published in the January 7th, 2001 issue of the Houston Chronicle, some medical doctors believe that parents should have a say as to what vaccines are vital for thei...
Guinea Pigs For Vaccination Industry
by Barry Forbes,
Source: The Tribune, Mesa, Arizona, July 16, 2000
Reprinted with Permission
We're just guinea pigs for vaccination industry
A recent newspaper story pegged the U.S. vaccination rate at 79%, an all time high. That's good, right?
Wrong. A...
Aseptic Meningitis and Mass Vaccination

From the American Journal of Epidemiology comes a report of an outbreak of "Aseptic Meningitis associated with Mass Vaccination with a Urabe-containing Measles-Mumps-Rubella Vaccine."
According to the report, a mass immunization campaign using the MMR vaccine in a city in Brazil, had result...
Pro Vaccination & Readers Digest Canada

The May issue of Readers Digest Canada features an article by Dr. Richard Goldbloom titled: Childhood Vaccinations: What Every Parent Should Know
From VRAN - Vaccination Risk Awareness Network (Canada)
The pro-vaccinators are worried by the growing loss of public confidence in vaccinat...
An Open Letter to Those Who Support Informed Consent to Vaccination

By Barbara Loe Fisher, April 22, 2000
I am writing this letter from my Capitol Hill home in Washington, D.C., stunned by the events of this morning when federal agents, with weapons drawn, entered a home in Miami in the middle of the night and forcibly removed a child whose mother gave her ...
Chiropractors and Vaccination

From the April issue of PEDIATRICS comes a very interesting article titled: Chiropractors and Vaccination: A Historical Perspective
An interesting point to note is that this is from the April issue of PEDIATRICS, and the topic is CHIROPRACTIC. Not a big deal until you notice that the Archiv...
Activists Claim Vaccinations Do More Harm Than Good
Charlotte News Index
(This article was published some time ago but we had just been forwarded the link and felt you may want to add this information to your arsenal.)
Charlotte News reports on a "bizarre yet common custom practiced among certain cultures" known as vaccination which has "come...
Can childhood vaccinations cause devastating illnesses?
Shots in the Dark
October 18th, 1999 - The Los Angeles Times today reported an article on vaccine safety. "Can childhood vaccinations cause devastating illnesses? Researchers haven't confirmed a link, but some concerned parents argue that inoculations are posing a threat to their children." Altho...
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