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Adjusting babies
News files are being updated. For now, check out this link...
Chiropractor says technique helps delivery; others question need for it
"Proponents say applying gentle pressure to correct misalignments in a woman's sacrum can help avoid a breech delivery or make room for a baby who is about ...
Please, Hands Off!
By Ryan French, D.C.
The Importance of Having a Non-Invasive Birth Process
(Originally published in ICPA Jan-Feb 2002 Newsletter)
Most chiropractors encourage their pregnant patients to be well-informed and deal with the birth process with the least amount of interference possible. We d...
Eres Unico (You are Unique)
Por el Dr. Edwin Cordero (The following article is in Spanish.)
Sabias tu que cuando Dios te creo, el rompió el molde. Muchas personas no entiende que hemos sido creados para una función especifica. Para un propósito que solamente tu puedes lograr. Si..... solamente tu nadie mas. Imagínate la ...
Colon, Panama - a Group Experience
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Welcome everybody. Today I had the privilege to visit the town of Colon in Panama. A group of us boarded a bus at about 7:30 AM and headed out on a one-hour drive to the city where we would adjust today. We had heard many things about Colon (most of them not good due t...
CREW Mission to Panama 2002
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Panama City, Panama - Mar. 3rd 2002: Today, we begin the eighth C.R.E.W. (Chiropractors Restoring Energy Worldwide) mission to the country of Panama.
I will be bringing you articles daily from different locations across the country of Panama. Most of the articles...
Flu Cases Start to Swell

According to outside-in news, Flu cases are in the U.S. are on the rise even though there is plenty of vaccine available.
All of a sudden folks are showing up with the flu and according to a Cox News Service article, "... local doctors say they, too, are experiencing a crush of flu patients...
Chiropractic Internet: TLD's and Extensions
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Dr. C. Ferguson from Ohio writes...
Just recently I read that a new "directory??" (is that what that is called?) ".pro" is or will be available soon and will be reserved for professionals like drs and lawyers. How soon will that be available? Would it be, then, wi...
Chiropractors Still Serving Ground Zero Workers
The following appeared in the Staten Island Advance - a local paper serving 450,000 residents within the city of New York.
Inside Out
Friday, December 28, 2001
Dr. Victor Dolan, a Grasmere chiropractor and community activist, has offered complimentary treatment to recovery volunteers at...
Stepping Up To Help Rescue Workers
(ICA gets good press)
(NAPSI)-In response to the urgent needs of thousands of rescue and recovery workers, security and other personnel working at the Pentagon disaster site, the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) mobilized its local member doctors to provide round-the-clock chiropra...
The Flu - Why Doesn't Everyone Get It?
By Stacy Larsen, D.C.
That darn "flu bug" is going around again. It has been spotted driving north on the highway as well as through many local communities. Now, if we could just get the license plate of the car and apprehend that pesky varmint, we could stop him in his tracks.
This is a ...
Everyone Tell The Story
By Rodney Sparks, D.C.
Recently I was invited on the local news to do a 5-minute health segment. I considered how and what I could talk about in that short of a time period, and I realized that all I needed to do was just tell the story! The first thing I told the news anchor is that I would sh...
2001 Honda-Hit-Run & Throw Champion

Last Saturday, September 22, Dr. Darrell Daileys' 9 year old son Brandon, a lifetime chiropractic patient since birth, won the Canadian Honda Hit Run and Throw baseball competition at the Sky Dome in Toronto, Canada.
Brandon competed against 9 other contenders from all across Canada. Brand...
Chiropractors Provide 24/7 Care to Recovery Workers at Pentagon Disaster Site

The International Chiropractors Association reports that a group of chiropractors are providing care to rescue and recovery workers at the disaster site of the Pentagon. On the day of the tragedy, the ICA began contacting local, state and federal agencies that would be responding to the crisis, ...
Chiropractors at "Ground Zero" in News
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Within days of Dr. Michael O'Halleran's email letting us know that he and others had been adjusting down at ground zero, DC's nationwide began calling and emailing to let us know they had seen them on their local evening news.
On September 19th, CNN reported on re...
Subluxation Awareness Week
By Bob Braile, D.C.
We all need to participate
As chiropractors we need to rally around that which is unique to us in the health care market place. We need to present to the public a clear and identifiable service and benefit for their health and well being. The ICA has taken the first ste...
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