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Ziggy Goes To The Pharmacy

An amusing "Ziggy" comic was forwarded to me from a colleague yesterday and I wanted to share it with all of you. Since we could not post it to the sight, I decided to find out if "Ziggy" was available online.
Not surprising, Ziggy comics are available daily on comic strip related websites....
Chiropractors and Vaccination

From the April issue of PEDIATRICS comes a very interesting article titled: Chiropractors and Vaccination: A Historical Perspective
An interesting point to note is that this is from the April issue of PEDIATRICS, and the topic is CHIROPRACTIC. Not a big deal until you notice that the Archiv...
Vaccines: Does Your Child Really Need Them?
The following article was made available to us via PROVE
(Parents Requesting Open Vaccine Education)
The article is in print on the newsstands in the April 2000 issue of Let's Live Magazine. It is suggested you consider buying a copy to share with friends and to support the magazine for prin...
The Power of the Adjustment by Drew Rubin

How many times have you asked yourself, "when am I going to write that book on chiropractic?" Not a book on procedures or how to fill out forms, but a book about principles that is easy enough for the lay person to read, understand, and enjoy. Well, Dr. Drew Rubin has done just that with his boo...
Mayor of Los Angeles visits the Global Chiropractic Network
Richard J. Riordan, Mayor of the City of Los Angeles, visited the Global Chiropractic Network on Monday, to see what changes new digital upstarts were creating in the downtown Los Angeles community. Film crews from ABC news and other news stations turned out for the event.

The Global Chiropra...
2012 Super Bowl Commercials Raise Eyebrows
by Michael Dorausch, DC
Racy advertisements on Game Day have been raising eyebrows long before GoDaddy Girl Candice Michelle (wife of a chiropractor) was featured in a 2005 wardrobe malfunction Super Bowl Ad, but thanks to the Internet, people can (and do) tweet real-time, their distaste for b...
Give thanks each day for everything you have
By James Sigafoose, Chiropractor
For years, Dr. James Sigafoose has been sharing a positive message of chiropractic with all that will listen. He has spoken at thousands of events attended by chiropractors and the general public. While this content is intended for doctors of chiropractic, "the ...
Top Chiropractors in the United States
by Michael Dorausch, DC
A few weeks ago I began compiling a list of the top 100 chiropractors in the world. My intention when creating the list was to find out which doctors of chiropractic had been the most influential to doctors in practice today. In other words, who were (or are) the bigge...
Children, Chiropractic, and Backpacks
by Michael Dorausch, DC
It's that time of year again, kids are heading back to school or getting ready to head back to school within the next week or two. They will be loading up with books, mobile phones, iPods and whatever else kids carry nowadays in those bags that often times appear that if...
March 2008 Review of Chiropractic News Archives
By Daria Belov
From as early as last week, to news from the turn-of-the-century, there is often times stories and articles we may have missed that deserve greater attention. But with the growth of social media, RSS feeds, and an abundance of news related web sites, there's tons of information c...
How do you spell fear? FLU
by Michael Dorausch, DC staff writer
"When facts are known, knowledge exists. When we possess knowledge, faith and beliefs disappear, for one is skeletal frame for substance of other." BJ Palmer, Developer of Chiropractic
How do you spell fear? FLU. How do you spell profit?...
2010 NYC Half Marathon and LA Marathon Televised Live
By Daria Belov
Marathon Season is kicking off this weekend as Universal Sports has LIVE coverage this Sunday of the 2010 NYC Half Marathon and 2010 LA Marathon. The NYC Half Marathon brings together some of the great Marathon runners in preparation for the spring Marathon Season. Haile Gebrsel...
Celebration of Dr. William E. Tickel, Chiropractor

Submitted by Tickel Family Members
TICKEL, Dr. William E. Known as Will to his friends, was born the son of an ironworker 60 years ago in May in a steel and paper mill town along the Miami River in southern Ohio.
He was a chiropractor and one of the vanishing breed of "old-timers" who ...
Top 10 chiropractic states according to site search
by Michael Dorausch, DC
It's that time of year when yellow page company marketers and magazine advertisers begin calling chiropractic offices (as well as other local service providers) with their pitches for yellow page advertising.
Nearly all yellow page companies are now offering some so...
Chiropractic College Begins New Journey
Palmer College of Chiropractic Media Relations
Palmer Destination Success: A Journey From Within
A group of students on Palmer College of Chiropractic's Davenport Campus are taking steps to make their dreams of practice success a reality. While they're at it, they're hoping to help their f...
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