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Planet Chiropractic - Lightning Fast News

Several major news feeds are featuring articles regarding today's FDA decision to ban Phenylpropanolamine, a drug ingredient that has been linked to an increased risk of Hemorrhagic stroke.
We received news of the FDA decision on Friday and spent the weekend gathering information so that it...
Helpful Flu Vaccine Facts

It is that time of year again when the flu vaccine marketing machine is revving up its engines and looking for places to aggressively poke it's poison. Below are some article links for you to share with your family, friends, and community.
The Flu And The Flu Vaccine
(by the National Vac...
Got Diabetes?

A recent Yahoo News article titled "Cow's Milk May Raise Diabetes Risk in Some Children" takes a look at a controversial link between drinking cows milk in infancy and the increased risk of developing diabetes.
According to the article, "exposure early in life to cow's milk may increase the...
What happened on Thursday?

What happened to Thursday's chiropractic news coverage from Panama? Our apologies for not having news of the day posted, it was an interesting day to say the least.
As you may have heard, CNN was coming to cover news of the chiropractic mission in Panama. Cameras and reporters from CNN arri...
Youthful Tendency Disorder a Hoax?

Since we ran the "YTD - A Global Epidemic!" article on Monday, we have been getting faxes, phone calls, emails, and even a request from someone wanting to know if they plan to make Juvenol for dogs!
We have been asked numerous times, "is this real?" Many just can't believe that anyone would...
The Over Diagnosis of ADHD

Several articles appeared on our outside-in newsfeeds yesterday regarding the overprescibing of Ritalin and other psychoactive drugs. Now that the heat is on, everyone is beginning to look for someone to blame for the senseless drugging of our children.
From Yahoo news comes the headline "S...
Chiropractors Going Postal

How is your mail doctor? Do you receive tons of chiropractoid junk mail pushing every known potion, lotion and outside in non chiropractic product available? What are you doing with all this mail? Thanks to the suggestions of several chiropractic warriors, we offer this suggestion... STUFF IT! chiropractors-going-postal.html
Ritalin is Over-Prescribed -- UK Doctors Say

According to a September 11th news article available on Yahoo news, the UK will soon release "strict" new guidelines involving the use of Ritalin, which may result in the drug being banned for use in children under the age of five.
The new guidelines are the result of growing concerns by so...
Chiropractic Mission To Mexico
Forwarded to us by our friends at ChiroFeed
Dear ChiroFeed Friends:
We are excited about the increasing service we are able to provide here in America and outside our borders. We want to share with you a story from Dr. Scott Mindel here in Seattle who was with us on our recent mission trip...
Girlpower starts in the spine!
By Dr. Madeline Behrendt
Where does GIRLPOWER begin? The mind, the heart, the spine?
A girl's mind is busy this time of year as the spontaneity of summer shifts to the structure of school and there are backpacks, new clothes, cool school supplies, make-up, music and boys to think about. girlpower-starts-in-the-spine-.html
A Very Cellular Story - by Will Brooks, D.C.
A chiropractic short story by Will Brooks, D.C.
Life started to leave the farmer's body the day the fish fell from the sky.
It was on a hot, muggy August day that the strong circular winds from the Pacific Ocean began the annual lifting of the water along with its fish to carry them 4 mile...
Creating With The Energy Of Your Mind
Excerpts from a weekly e-newsletter by Beverly Nadler
You Create With The Energy Of Your Mind
It's vital to understand how your mind functions because you literally "create" your life with the energy of your mind. Everything that exists is energy and all forms of energy have their own rate...
US Medical Errors Resulting In Death - Not Exaggerated

Last November, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report stating that "between 44,000 and 98,000 people die in US hospitals annually as a result of medical errors."
Since the report was released some physician groups have questioned the claim stating that the reported numbers were t...
Critical Mass Has Jumped The Fence

It seems as though a day does not go by that we do not see news regarding vaccination awareness, vaccination injury, or changes in vaccination policy.
Although many of us have been following this news for several years now, a change has occurred just recently that is sure to pour fuel into ...
Chiropractic Philosophy - A Battle Is What We Have

Dear fellow ChiropracTORS:
We must fight for freedom, for truth, and for life.
When I see, hear, or read about all of the afflictions plaguing us today, I feel the need to accomplish so much more. I see so much that needs to be done, so many truths to communicate, so many sick people for...
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