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Posted on: Tuesday, October 31, 2000
Psst... Wanna Buy Some Ritalin? email to the editor

12:00 p.m. in the local school yard. For some it's time for lunch, for others it's time to get high. And just what do you get high on when your a ten-year old? You got it mom, your little boys riding high on ritalin.

Not only are your kids being drugged by school nurses and local pediatricians, they get an extra dose or two from the school yard drug hustler.

That's the news according to yesterday's Nando Media headlines which plainly read "Ritalin becoming school yard hustlers' newest product."

Thousands of youngsters across the US snort it, pop it, grind it up and inject it. And there is only one reason why it's so popular, it gets you high.

Ritalin is a prescription drug that is supposed to be used in treating ADHD? Is it safe and effective medicine when given by the school nurse? Is it a dangerous and illicit drug when handed out in the school yard?

According to the article, many are concerned regarding the "double messages schools send on drug use." The mother of one youngster on ritalin was concerned her son would become confused since he was being prescribed a controlled substance yet should not be taking drugs. The same youngster, "ultimately got into a host of illegal drugs," according to the article.

Tylenol is a drug, Ritalin is a drug, Cocaine is a drug, those little pink chewable baby tablets are a drug. Drugs are drugs.

But what about responsible drug use? You mean like only smoking dope after class or only using 10% of your paycheck to quench your heroin habit? Does that sound silly to you?

Check out the article, there is nothing funny about it.
Nando Media: Ritalin becoming school yard hustlers' newest product

Would you like to give your kids a chance to live a life free from drugs? Try Chiropractic.

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