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Cracking the Motion Picture Industry
by Michael Dorausch, DC
The Writers Guild of America strike has affected many businesses that you wouldn't necessarily suspect had anything to do with the film industry. A chiropractor's office located nearby a major studio would be one of those businesses.
Two days into the writers' strik...
Serving up Localized Advertising Without Wasting Money
by Michael Dorausch, DC
Bricks and mortar businesses, like chiropractic offices and dental clinics, are increasingly looking to the Web for online advertising opportunities. Some small-business owners are conducting their own local search paid advertising campaigns, also known as PPC, and many ...
Midweek Chiropractic Ads for January 30, 2008
by planetc1 classifieds
Whether you are seeking Chiropractic Supplies and Equipment for Sale or Job Opportunities and Practices for Sale, this post is a midweek round up of the most recent advertisements placed in the Classifieds section on Planet Chiropractic. Featured are selected ads placed ...
New Years Countdown Chiropractic Classifieds
The countdown to New Year's Eve 2009 is drawing nearer each day. We expect light posting of chiropractic classifieds during the days leading up to January 1, 2009. Unless chiropractors are posting classifieds during their time off from practice, consider this the...
Airport Hotels Rock For Seminars
By Michael Dorausch, DC
Conferences and seminars are one of the best ways to network, learn from experts, and peddle wares at vendor booths. With so much already going on and all the travel involved in getting to out of state locations (or even in-state events), it's surprising to me not more ...
May Classifieds and E-Mail Reminders
No slowdown so far for the month of May when it comes to the posting of chiropractic classifieds. Chiropractors posting equipment for sale may have noticed e-mail addresses being removed from content. It's been long suggested that anyone placing classifieds not u...


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