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Meet a Chiropractor - Nicholas Campos of West Hollywood
By Daria Belov
One of the beauties of the chiropractic profession is the individuality expressed by practicing doctors of chiropractic. As Dr. Darrel Crain mentioned in his article on technique, there are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view at the top is always the same. When it...
Meet a Chiropractor - Jeri Anderson of Sacramento
By Daria Belov
The capital of the state of California, is the home and practice location of Sacramento born and raised chiropractor Jeri Anderson. An individual dedicated to serving her community, Dr. Jeri Anderson provides chiropractic care to residents and visitors to California's fourth larg...
32 Chiropractor Businesses For Sale and the Changing Economy
By Daria Belov
Checking my Google feed reader over the weekend I was stunned to see more than 30 chiropractic businesses had been listed for sale in classified ads posted on I don't know if it's a sign of our changing economy or just a popular time of year for chiropra...
Thanksgiving Ads Chiropractic Classifieds for November 26, 2008
It's the eve of Thanksgiving, and while many people are learning for the first time how long it takes to cook a turkey, Chiropractors are taking the next few days off. Since offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday, you'll still have time to check out classi...
New Years Countdown Chiropractic Classifieds
The countdown to New Year's Eve 2009 is drawing nearer each day. We expect light posting of chiropractic classifieds during the days leading up to January 1, 2009. Unless chiropractors are posting classifieds during their time off from practice, consider this the...
Decompression Table For Sale and other Classifieds
Online postings of chiropractic classifieds during the past 5 days have been on a daily steady stream. Ads placed included decompression tables, digital x-ray units, drx900 tables, 2007 myovision lease takeover, x-ray processors, Zenith HyLo adjusting tables, and...
Pro Adjuster For Sale Free X-ray Unit Classifieds
Pro Adjuster Gear, X-Ray Units and Film Processor, Practices For Sale, Associate Positions, and more in todays chiropractic classifieds collection of recent advertisements placed. Browse/search the pages for chiropractic business deals that suit you best.
Cranial Laser Classifieds Plus
Cranial Laser, Family Practices For Sale, Associate Positions, Fully Equipped Offices, and oodles more in todays chiropractic classifieds collection of recent advertisements. Smarter economics means seeking out better deals for successful chiropractor operations....
May Classifieds and E-Mail Reminders
No slowdown so far for the month of May when it comes to the posting of chiropractic classifieds. Chiropractors posting equipment for sale may have noticed e-mail addresses being removed from content. It's been long suggested that anyone placing classifieds not u...
June Hands On Classifieds 2009
Rolling out classified advertising for 1 June, with what's been posted to chiropractic classifieds in recent days. Summer is on its way, graduation ceremonies and Father's Day take place this month, and there's lots of activities for people to focus on, other than...
2009 July 1 Chiropractor Classifieds
The month of June featured lots of new chiropractic classified advertisements placed in the categories of practices for sale, chiropractic jobs, employment opportunities, and equipment for sale by private parties. Nearly all the practices for sale are listed in t...
Parker Alumni Awarded for Contributions to Chiropractic Profession
Parker College of Chiropractic News
October 22, 2009 (Dallas) --- The Parker Alumni Association recognized alumni who have made a tremendous difference in the chiropractic profession during the Parker Annual Homecoming and Class Reunion in Dallas, Texas.
"Our alumni association members gi...
Santa Monica Los Angeles Metro CCA Chiropractors October Meeting
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
California Chiropractic Association (CCA) member and non member chiropractors gathered on Wednesday, October 21st, for a combined Los Angeles Metro and Santa Monica District CCA meeting/presentation. The event, which featured chiropractic attorney Shawn Steel, was hel...
Parker Alumni Association Names Newest Board Members
Parker Chiropractic News
DALLAS -- The Parker Alumni Association elected four members to serve on its board of directors. Dr. Steve Brooks '99, Dr. Bart Patzer '93, Dr. Vincent Scheffler '07, and Dr. Mary Warren '00 will work to continue the vision, leadership, and legacy that has been establi...
Foot Levelers Partners with Life West to Advance Chiropractic Education
Life Chiropractic College West News
Foot Levelers, Inc., an avid and generous supporter of chiropractic education and the profession, has partnered with Life Chiropractic College West in a multi-phased project to be completed over the course of several years. This comprises the second $250,000...
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