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Saturday in Las Vegas

It's Saturday, and we have another full action packed day of chiropractic. Today kicks off bright and early with Drs. Wendy Coren and David Lundquist who will be discussing "precision communication." I spent some time in the room listening to these two Drs. and they shared some great information...
This is Your Chiropractor
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Ever wonder what your chiropractor is doing on the weekend? Some may be golfing, fishing, exercising, spending time with family, organizing their chiropractic office, or participating in countless other activities that people typically do on the weekends. For those of ...
Flu-like illness - Calling your own shots
By Darrel Crain, D.C.
San Diego, California: The pinnacle of the flu season is upon us in the United States.
I recall vividly a couple of years ago when my body suddenly erupted into the explosive symptoms of the flu. I felt as a milk carton must feel being knocked down and repeatedly run ...
Headaches When Locating Some Archived Content
by Daria Belov
A Friday evening should not be spent searching one's web site for content that's difficult to find. I was sifting through some news archives earlier today, preparing an article on 2008 politics and the chiropractic vote, and I was having a difficult time locating a piece or two a...
New York Sugar Beverage Soda Tax
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Would a tax on sugary soft drinks result in improved health benefits for the people of New York? According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, the answer may be yes. According to New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Friedan and Kelly Brownell, di...
Belmont Stakes 2009 Elmont New York
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Today is the final leg of the Triple Crown, taking place at Belmont Raceway, in Elmont New York. The 1.5 mile thoroughbred horse race has a post time of about 6:27pm, with live television coverage broadcast by ABC, starting at five o'clock ET. Growing up in Floral Par...
Palmer Chiropractic students donate toys and time to Toys for Tots
Palmer Chiropractic News
Palmer student groups collect $2,000 worth of toys for Toys for Tots; present donation and volunteer at Toys for Tots warehouse in Davenport, Iowa, on Dec. 10
Members of the Palmer Student Alumni Foundation (PSAF) spent the last several weeks collecting toys and m...
Insomnia, Big Pharma, & the Fast Track to Sleep
by Darrel Crain, D.C.
In case you've been asleep and didn't notice, insomnia has been elevated to the status of a public menace. Depression, auto accidents and high disease rates are all being blamed on sleep deprivation. "He sleeps well that knows not he sleeps ill," observed Publilius Syrus i...
US life expectancy falls below that of most wealthy nations
By Darrel Crain, D.C.
Long may you live!
American medicine was publicly flogged recently because life expectancy in our country falls below that of most wealthy nations. This is totally unfair. "The wise man lives as long as he ought, not so long as he can," according to Montaigne, and he ...
My Faith in Chiropractic Principles
By Dr. Stew Bittman
Lake Tahoe, CA: Several years ago, I wrote an essay dealing with the doubts I was having about my doubts. I realized then that most of the things I had previously doubted had become tangible parts of my belief system. I realized, too, that my faith in chiropractic principles...
No Excuse For Irresponsibility
By Sharon Gorman, D.C.
Give me a job that I know that I can do or at least think that I have a shot at being able to do and get out of my way and let me get to work. After a while I figured out that there isn't a whole heck of a lot of things that I would like to do that I can't get done especi...
All of You Out There Making a Difference
By Stew Bittman, D.C.
A few months ago I embarked on a monthly lecture series in the office, and later today will be installment #3 (watch for the tapes!). This one is entitled, "A life without fear" (thank you Fred Barge), and will focus on the application of chiropractic philosophy into one's...
Is Money Your Master?
By Dr. Edwin Cordero
We live in a materialistic society where many people serve money. They spend all their lives collecting and storing it, only to die and leave it behind. You never see a U-haul truck pulling a hearse do you? Their desire for money and what it can buy far outweighs their comm...
Look Back at Your Past But Don't Stare
By Sharon Gorman, D.C.
In the quest for self improvement and spiritual growth many of us have been on this path of trying to live with less baggage and more prosperity. We want to be a clear conduit of God's love and to serve out of our abundance. In order to rid ourselves of some of this bagga...
By Sharon Gorman, D.C.
Sometimes I get so busy I forget to be Grateful. I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I forget to just be. When I forget to be then next I usually forget to pray. When I forget to pray I can easily forget that I am not running the show. I know there is a God and I ...
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