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Fellow Administers of Love and Healing
By Stew Bittman, D.C.
Back home from a mission in the Dominican Republic, and so far I haven't had a tremendous amount of time to reflect, as we've launched directly back into our "normal" routine (that and the fact that I've been dealing with an array of really interesting gastrointestinal phe...
Statement by Dr. Sid E. Williams, Founder and former President of Life University

I have refrained from offering any public comment until this time on the matter of Life University and its accreditation struggle with the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE). Today, in my capacity as a private citizen with no connections whatsoever to the school, I feel compelled to offer m...
Inappropriate, Possibly Dangerous and Wasteful Healthcare
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
The title says it all. It pretty much sums up what you will get when going the traditional medical route in healthcare today.
Many, once thought effective, surgical and therapeutic drug approaches to some of the worlds most common conditions are not producing the ...
When Your Doctor is Wrong
By Judy Converse, MPH, RD
Hepatitis B Vaccine & Autism
Chapter 7: Does Your Kid Need This Shot?
The fact that I was never given a chance to consider whether Ben should get a hepatitis B shot made me doggedly pursue information about the virus and the vaccine. The fact that the shot's ef...
Manitoba Government Reverses Discriminatory Policy On Chiropractic Child Care
ICA Chiropractic News Service
In a highly significant and uncharacteristic move, the Provincial Government of Manitoba has reversed an earlier decision that denied payment for chiropractic services to anyone under the age of nineteen. The reversal of the controversial policy signals an importan...
ICA Board of Directors Calls For Immediate Review of CCE Decision on Life
ICA Chiropractic News Service
At a special meeting on June 18, 2002, the Board of Directors of the International Chiropractors Association voted unanimously to call on the Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) to conduct an immediate and objective review of its decision to deny re-accreditati...
WCA joins ICA in expressing outrage at anti-chiropractic PBS segment
From WCAnews
While public television has been responsible for many great programs, a recent episode of "Scientific American Frontiers" has many chiropractors wondering if it's begun groveling to the medical conglomerates that frequently fund its shows.
The show's segment, "A Different Way ...
Los Angeles Lakers Parade - Kobe - Shaq - Fox & Girls
By Michael Dorausch, D.C.
Ok, so I was out of my LA Chiropractic office today but I had good reason. Today, the Los Angeles Lakers celebrated their third consecutive NBA championship with a triumphant parade through a purple-and-gold sea of screaming fans. The parade basically results in all th...
The Positive Power of Failure
By Sid Mouk, D.C.
(The Sure Road To Success)
I sat one evening in his office chatting with Dr. Joe (the wise old DC from Chicago with 50+ years of practice experience) when he turned and asked me "How many times have you failed at something this month"? This totally caught me by surprise a...
Children Die After Receiving Measles Vaccine

According to this mornings news reports, three children in Cuba have died and forty two others are ill as a result of a "rare accident" involving a measles vaccine manufactured in India.
The vaccines, according to the press, had been certified by and acquired through the World Health Organi...
Presuppositions of Healing
By Sid Mouk, DC
In Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), the establishment of presuppositions is considered vital in relation to any approach to healing. In fact, many NLP practitioners consider this to be the single most essential procedure in any successful approach to healing. They teach that o...
The Healer/Chiropractor and the "MindSpine" Adjustment
By Sid Mouk, D.C.
Correction of a spinal subluxation removes interference from the patient's nervous system thus allowing Innate Intelligence to do what it does best... healing the physical body (assisting the power that made the body to heal the body). This is enormously powerful for facilitat...
Witness To Miracles
By Sid Mouk, D.C.
Do we actually believe what we tell our patients? Do we truly believe chiropractic care is something that everyone needs during their entire lives ("from the womb to the tomb" - as Dr. Jim Parker used to say)? Do we really believe that all of us in this profession are "called"...
My Fellow Missionaries
By Stew Bittman, D.C.
Another Panama mission has recently come and gone, and even though we chose not to participate in this one (physically, anyway), I could feel the energy of it. All week during the mission, I could feel the excitement and the joy and the miracles, as well as the inevitable ...
Step #5 To A Hundred A Day
By Dr. Rick Wren
Dear Colleagues and Friends,
Success Principle #5 (do a written report of findings on new patients which include photos of their x-rays) is somewhat difficult to get Chiropractors to do because of the mental planning it takes, not the emotional risk. Most Chiropractors who...
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